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10 Ways To Prevent Malaria

Tomorrow is world malaria day.

Humans have been battling malaria for ages. Despite advances in science and technology, though a vaccine is currently being developed for this fatal disease. Associated with a mere bite from the female Annopheles mosquito, malaria can have serious complications causing multiple organ failures and can also cause death.

Over the years, the mortality burden associated with malaria has been decreasing. However, researchers have now seen the development of a new strain of malaria mosquitoes that are resistant to our present drugs and medications. This should make us more prepared to prevent malaria.

The best way to prevent malaria is to keep our home and surroundings clean. Having a strong civic sense is the best way to ensure safety from malaria. It is important that you formulate a residential task force to ensure and implement the same.

Here are a few simple tips to prevent malaria and other mosquito born diseases:

1#. Use oil – Oils may be applied to the water surface. This suffocates the larvae and the pupae. You can use vegetable oil or kerosene oil to do the same.

#2. Fog them out – Have fogging in your area done before the rainy season. this should be repeated on adequate intervals. Fogging helps to kill the mosquitoes that might be hiding at places.

#3. No standing water – Don’t keep water accumulated in coolers, small pits, tyres. These are suitable habitats for mosquitoes to grow. It is best to ensure that places that are kept for storage has no standing water. If post rains, you notice the same; you should clean the surroundings immediately.

#4. Pet the right fish – Keeping mosquito fish (Gambusia) in small water bodies can help to control the mosquito larva. This is because these fishes feed on the mosquito larvae. This shall help you if you have a big water body near your house.

#5. Wear the right clothes – Wear proper clothes, especially during the evening. Clothes should cover your extremities and must be soothing. Cotton clothes are preferable and they must be of light colour.

#6. Use mosquito repellent creams and bands – You can use various over the counter mosquito repellant creams and bands. The same shall help keep you safeguarded even when you are sitting in a garden or outside playing.

#7. Use mosquito nets – This is the most simple and ineffective way of keeping the mosquitoes away. A person is most vulnerable when they are sleeping. Using mosquito nets neither exposes you to harmful mosquito chemicals nor does it harm your body.

#8. Use window nets – Cover your windows well and keep them closed. If you want fresh air to come in the house, cover them with nets to ensure that mosquitoes don’t enter your house.

#9. Get the shot – Use antimalarial prophylaxis before going to endemic zones.
Prevention is better than cure – Effective treatment is the cornerstone for preventing its spread. Consult a specialist immediately if you notice that you have developed high fever, chills, nausea, and weakness.

#10. Take the right type of anti-malarial medicines for the country you are travelling to. The choice of anti-malarial prevention tablets will also need to take into account your medical history, age, and other concurrent medications. You must take them daily or weekly, depending on the medication choice, prior to travel and upon return from the malaria area.

Summary tips:
▪︎Protect yourself from mosquito bites by sleeping under an insecticide-treated mosquito net.
▪︎Wear socks, long pants, long-sleeve shirts and blouses.
▪︎Spray DEET mosquito repellent onto your clothes and the exposed parts of your skin.
▪︎Make sure the room doors and windows are closed properly and screened with gauze to prevent mosquitoes from getting in.
▪︎Spray the room with an insecticide before entering.
▪︎Pregnant women and young children should avoid travelling to malaria-prone areas.


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