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4 Surprising Sexual Health Benefits Of ‘MIRACLE FRUIT’, GORON TULA

Although relatively unknown by many, goron Tula is considered a ‘miracle fruit’ by those who know if for its many health benefits.

Known as tree hibiscus, Azanza, snot apple in English language, goron tula as it is called in Hausa is found in the northern part of Nigeria.  It is sweet and chewy as henceforth why it is also called “African Chewing Gum” fruit.

The fruit is widely cultivated in Tula Kaltungo Local Government of Gombe State and in Michika of Adamawa State in Nigeria. It is botanically known as azanza garckeana.

Possessing several health benefits, this article focuses on the sexual health benefits of goron tula.

#1. Increase of libido
Goron tula is used to increase the libido as consumption of the fruit helps in developing strong desires for sexual intercourse and also serves as an aphrodisiac several rounds of having sex with your partners People experiencing lowered libido, as a result of stress or other health conditions, can try goron tula.

#2. Vagina lubrication
Women with dry vagina are advised to try goron tula as it stimulates the production of vagina wetness and is perfect for keeping the vagina area moist and wet. Goron Tula has been recommended for women who find it hard to reach orgasm. You need to chew about 5-10 pieces to feel the effect very well down there, although depending on your body type, you may chew more or less before you get the result.

#3. Boost fertility
Researchers believe that goron tula can be used as a fertility enhancer, and it minimises the dependence on synthetic drugs as fertility-enhancing agents. Research published in the Journal of Biology, Agriculture and Healthcare suggests that the fruit should be encouraged.

#4. Gets rid of vagina odour.
Gorontula is good in getting rid of bad odour coming from the vagina as it serves as a vagina cleanser, helping to clean it.

Other Benefits …..

Improves sexual performance in men!

Can a man use Goron Tula? Yes, indeed, a man can use the miracle fruit. Although most of the sexual benefits are geared towards women, the sexual life of a man could also be much better once they start consuming this fruit. Since your libido will be heightened, the other areas of your activities will also get better. The fruit also helps with endurance.

Helps with vaginal tightening!

Vaginal tightening is also one of the great Goron Tula benefits. However, for this, you do not have to ingest the fruit. Instead, you should chew the fruit’s skin until it is no longer sweet and then sundry it. Next, add the dry chaff to some boiling water and let the steam into your vagina. This will result in increased tightness.

Gets rid of infections:

The antioxidants in the fruit help flush the toxins in the body. This helps in clearing up infections that may occur. Even ones you don’t know about yet.

Improves digestion:

The fruits contain fibre in both the flesh and the skin. The fibre helps to keep the digestive tract flowing. This keeps the bowel movements soft and regular. All of this works together to cleanse the body.

Reduces high blood pressure Goron Tula.

The fruit is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and plant compounds. The compounds help reduce heart disease risk factors like high blood pressure.

Improves the immune system:

It contains Vitamin C cells which increase the production of white blood cells. White blood cells flow through the blood to fight viruses, bacteria, and any invaders in the body. Therefore, the more white blood cells in your bloodstream, the better.

Treats coughs and chest pains:

The African chewy fruit contains anti-inflammatory enzymes that calms coughs and soothes a sore throat. The Goron Tula syrup will also alleviate any chest pains you may have.

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