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5 Cool Facts About Pharmacists

First-world pharmacists
Around 90% of people in the U.S. live within five miles of a pharmacist — that’s how many of these health professionals the country has.

Many pharmacists were famous people
Alexander Flemming (who discovered penicillin), Agatha Christie (world-famous crime author), and Hubert Humphrey (38th Vice President of the U.S.), are only some famous names who have also been pharmacists.

The first commercial drug
Pharmacists began selling the first mass-produced, pre-packaged drug called ‘antipyrine’ in 1883; by the 1900s, most medicines were sold by pharmacies this way.

The first pharmacy also sold traditional remedies
Louis Dufilho, Jr., America’s first licensed pharmacist, opened a pharmacy in New Orleans that sold Voodoo remedies, opium, and leeches, alongside traditional medicines.

Ginger ale by accident
A pharmacist named James Vernor was creating a mixture to calm the stomach when he accidentally made what would then be known as one of America’s oldest soft drinks — ‘Vernors Ginger Ale.’

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