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5 Things Pharmacists Do Besides Fill Prescriptions

Beyond Filling Prescriptions
Pharmacists are available in each of the thousands of pharmacies around the country. These are medical professionals who have a deep understanding of medicine and drug interactions. The primary function is to fill prescriptions by doctors for patients. However, these experts have several added skills to serve patients in different ways. Here are 5 things pharmacists do beyond filling prescriptions.

1#. They perform mediation therapy management.
Patient care has transformed from doctors and nurses to a holistic approach. As a result, pharmacists play an essential role in patient care with medication therapy management. Medication therapy management is a series of steps that ensures the patient is taking the best medicines consistently. The pharmacist performs these through medication reviews and closely recording patient data. From there, the pharmacist can provide recommendations, monitor adherence, and follow up with the patient.

2#. Pharmacists provide consultation on medical interactions.
What if a patient wants to add a new supplement or over-the-counter drug? If the patient takes multiple prescriptions, adding a supplement may be dangerous. A pharmacist has expert knowledge of drug interactions and side effects. The pharmacist can advise the patient on the best and safest supplements available.

3#. Pharmacists administer vaccines.
In the past, patients would need to book a doctor’s appointment for essential vaccines. Pharmacists can now provide flu vaccines, travel vaccines and help update a patient’s immunization records. These medical experts are skilled in safely administering shots to adults and children. Some of these vaccines, like the COVID-19 vaccine, are available at community pharmacies.

4#.They perform simple medical checks.
About 60% of Nigerians have at least one chronic condition. These include diabetes, Alzheimer’s, kidney disease, stroke, and more. Some of these patients need to manage the condition continually and need consistent health checks. Some of these health checks can happen at the pharmacy, including blood sugar, cholesterol, and much more.

5#. A taste of their own medicine
There are instances where a prescription may not be suitable for a patient. When that happens, a pharmacist can help with compounding. With compounding, a pharmacist can take raw ingredients or multiple medications to create a medicine to meet the patient’s individual needs. Compounding medication helps manage unique health needs such as when drugs are discontinued, allergies, dysphagia, or simply consolidating multiple medications.

Trust your pharmacist
Pharmacists do more than fill prescriptions. These are experts with a wealth of information, support, and services available to patients. As the goal of other medical professionals, the pharmacist’s goal is the health and safety of patients. By providing these added services, pharmacists play a significant part in achieving this goal.


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