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5 Tips to Improve Your Sales Performance |

To drive revenue, you need to know how your business operates and how to improve it. Here are five tips to use data to improve your sales performance.
In sales, there’s one thing you have to get right if you want your organization to succeed—profitability. That requires high performance, low costs, and consistent revenue. But it’s hard to get the visibility you need to identify ways to improve your sales performance.

Drive consistent revenue by improving sales performance
94 percent of revenue leaders don’t believe they will meet or exceed their revenue goals, according to Gartner. McKinsey data also shows that 85 percent of companies have been unable to grow revenue and profitability over an extended period of time.

To help you improve poor sales performance, here are five tips you need to know.
5 Tips to Improve Sales Performance;

1. Embrace Technology and Digital Transformation
80 percent of companies advanced their digital transformation over the past year, according to Dell Technologies. Technology and digital transformation ensure your data is accurate and accessible by anyone in your organization. It allows you to examine your processes and provides insights to improve sales performance.

2. Understand & Optimize How Your Company Generates Revenue
Successful companies know how their business works at a granular level. They know what it takes to bring in revenue and make changes across their organization to improve sales performance.

Intelligent Revenue looks at your data, identifies trends, and provides insights to guide your planning and decision-making. It helps you make changes to your sales improvement plan that put reps in front of the right customers and reward them for bringing in the best sources of revenue.

That means your sellers are focusing their time on targeting and closing the best deals. They are better equipped to do their job and earn more while helping the company drive profitability—a win-win for everyone!

3. Tailor Incentives to Drive Higher Sales Performance
Incentive compensation is the main driver of sales behaviors. Getting it right is critical to improving sales performance. The most important factor in your compensation is aligning sales incentives with overarching objectives. This ensures your sales team is targeting the right opportunities and prioritizing the best deals to reach your goals.

However, no two positions play the same role in closing deals. Creating incentives specific to each position motivates your team and empowers them to succeed.

4. Maximize Your Forecasting Accuracy
More than half of sales and revenue leaders say forecasting has become harder, The challenge is due to a lack of visibility into pipeline. Unfortunately, manual forecasting only tells you why deals slow down or are pushing to the next quarter. You’re left to fill in the gaps with only the rep’s notes in your CRM.

Intelligent forecasting technology closes that data gap by analyzing your CRM data. Then it identifies where deals in your pipeline tend to slow down and flags deals at risk due to lack of activity. It also provides guided selling suggestions to coach sellers and improve sales performance.

5. Make Customer Experience Your Top Priority
It’s simple: successful companies have satisfied customers. That means your customers play a huge role in improving sales performance. Acquia reports that 78 percent of consumers stay loyal to brands that understand their goals.

Today’s saturated markets bombard buyers with thousands of sales messages every day. It’s not enough to sell a product and move on to the next prospect. You need to position yourself as a partner to your customers. Understanding each business’s needs builds stronger relationships and improves your sales performance.


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