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5 ways pharmacists are helping people live healthier lives each day.

There is so much more to pharmacists than most people realize. The job of a pharmacist isn’t just about filling prescriptions—it’s about helping people live healthier lives.

check out our list of five ways pharmacists are helping people live healthier lives each day.

1. Pharmacists are widely accessible health professionals:.
These days, people are constantly on the move. With busy schedules and lots of commitments, it can be easy to forget to prioritize healthcare. That’s where pharmacists come into the picture.

Pharmacists make it easier and more convenient for people to maintain their health by offering basic testing and wellness services (think: blood pressure measurement, preventative vaccines, etc.) in almost any location. In fact, 90% of Americans live within just two miles of pharmacists!

With highly-trained and knowledgeable health professionals so readily accessible, people have many more opportunities to prioritize their health and well-being conveniently.

2. Pharmacists serve as an essential part of the healthcare team:.
Most people have a team of health professionals consisting of their primary care practitioner, specialist doctors, and sometimes even dentists and ophthalmologists. But, often, people don’t realize that pharmacists are also an integral part of these teams.

A pharmacist’s role within a healthcare team is to serve as the medication expert. As such, pharmacists work with other trusted medical professionals to identify problems and set appropriate courses of action to help patients live their healthiest lives.

3. Pharmacists help ensure the best patient outcomes:.
As we mentioned previously, pharmacists are an essential part of any team of health professionals because they serve as medication experts.

Because of this designation, doctors in other speciality areas rely on pharmacists to provide recommendations for medication to manage acute illnesses, chronic diseases, and quality of life care. In other words, pharmacists are patients’ partners in living their healthiest lives.

4. Pharmacists are highly-educated and trained health professionals:.
Pharmacists are highly-educated health professionals. In fact, their education is among the most rigorous in the entire healthcare field.

Pharmacists are required to earn a Doctor of Pharmacy degree (commonly referred to as a PharmD). Most PharmD programs require at least six years of intense education, ranging from advanced science courses to communication skills training. All of this helps pharmacists better respond to the unique needs of their patients so they can live healthier lives.

5. Pharmacists practice in diverse settings:.
Pharmacists practice in many kinds of locations and capacities such as community pharmacies, government agencies, hospitals, clinics, and research settings.

In addition to dispensing medication, pharmacists also conduct research that can lead to medical advancements, create protocols, and even deal with compliance issues related to medication. These diverse settings give pharmacists the opportunity to help people live healthier lives in a variety of ways.

As a future pharmacist, you should feel proud knowing that you’ll be helping people live healthier lives each and every day of your career—no matter which pharmacy career pathway you choose!


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