6 Skills to Becoming a Successful Pharmacist

Pharm tech looking through shelves of medication

There are 6 skills that a successful Pharmacist will learn during a Pharmacy Training Program. These 6 skills include mathematical proficiency, good communication, organizational skills, computer skills, critical thinking and problem solving. With these skills.

Mathematically Proficient – Most Pharmacy Technology training programs include a College Math course. Math will come in handy when the pharmacist is filling prescriptions and measuring pharmaceuticals. A Pharmacist will also use college math when ordering, stocking, and packaging prescriptions and over-the-counter medications, performing inventory control, maintaining records.

Good Communication – Pharmacist work with patients and other pharmacists with the ability to communicate both written and verbally being a key to providing good customer service.

Organizational Skills – A Pharmacist will want to keep prescriptions correct, take control of inventory and properly maintain records. Organizational skills will help when packaging and labeling prescriptions.

Computer Skills – In the course of performing pharmacists duties a few different computer systems may come into play. There is a computer system that helps count the pills to make sure the right amount is included in each prescription. The Pharmacist will use an interface to input customer data and file insurance claims. Being computer literate and able to learn new computer programs is an integral skill for any pharmacy technician.

Critical Thinking – A pharmacist must approach their jobs with a consistent and systematic process to keep customer record data and prescriptions accurate.

Problem Solving – With insurance claims and patients’ prescriptions, a pharmacists must be able to solve any problem that may arise, whether billing is incorrect or prescriptions are not available. A customer may come to the pharmacy with a problem and expect a clear outcome and the pharmacist needs good problem solving skills to find the right solution.


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