7 Habits of First Class Students Anyone Can Learn!

On the first day of school, almost every fresher has a dream to graduate with a first class result or at least an excellent grade. Going through school is not the easiest thing. The boring lectures, assignments, projects, exams? Yet there are students who weather the storms to come out with the best results. Sometimes, these set of people either blend in like a chameleon or stand out like a red pen in a pack of blue pens.

If attaining the highest academic grade is your goal, we bring your 7 habits of first-class students; from their study habits to their attitude towards people and activities.

1. They start from the very beginning:

First class starts from the… first class. The early years of your schooling would entail taking introductory courses leading into the major courses in your field. In later years, you tend to go deeper into more complicated aspects of your course of study. First class students take advantage of their early years in school and work hard to maintain a high CGPA so that when the tough classes come, they would have laid a solid foundation. If your goal is first class, start from the first class.

2. They are Consistency:

Most first class students don’t necessary study a lot at a time. Rather they read in little chunks every day. While other students wait for few weeks to exam to start studying, first class students spend time daily to revise their school work for the day. It will interest you to know that you have a higher chance of retaining knowledge you acquired little by little over time. Now, you probably understand why that student who appears not to be panicking two weeks to exams manages to maintain high grades.

3. They know their study habits:

Most educators might advise that you read in a particular way and at a particular time. But every person is different and has reading habits that works for them. Some might read at night, others read during the day, some read with jotters, others read with just books. One thing is constant though, First class students are totally aware of their reading habits and they follow through with it religiously.

4. They have a motivation:

A student was asked what his source of motivation for maintaining an excellent academic record was. He responded without a second thought, “my mother”. His father died while he was a toddler. His mother, a single mom, worked so hard to give him and his siblings a good life. He believes he owes it to his mother to make the most of his education. Like this student, most first class students have a drive and a reason why they work so hard to score the best results. If you want to graduate with a first class you must have a reason that is strong enough to keep you committed to your goal.

5. They simplify complex concepts:

If you are a sciences student, you’ll remember how we would create a system to help us remember nomenclature of compounds and the period table. First class students make it a habit to form simple ways to remember complex concepts. They take what they are taught, and simplify it in terms that are more relatable and easier to understand. This helps them remember even the most hard to understand concepts.

6. They are inquisitive:

First class students are always asking questions. When unsure about a particular topic or sub topic, they tend to ask questions. If they are unsatisfied, they search through available resources at the library and internet to learn what they don’t know. This keeps them relatively ahead of the class.

7. They have Study Partners:

Well rounded first class students usually have a closed squad they discuss class with. This helps to balance their academic and social life. Sharing knowledge deepens your knowledge about the subject of discussion. First class students don’t just learn by themselves, they learn from others and share knowledge with others. This helps them to expand and retain their knowledge.

First class students are often not the student you find at clubs, bars or love garden. Because their primary goal is graduating with a first class, their studies take the priority. You may argue that most first class students tend to end up not developing on other aspects of life which involves emotional intelligence. The 21st workplace requires students who are both academically and socially balanced. But who says you cannot have them both; a first class degree and emotional intelligence.


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