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How blockchain adds value to the pharmaceutical industry –

Blockchain is a computer networking technology that creates a complete, immutable record of transactions that have been made and shares it in real time among all participants in a network. Satoshi Nakamoto first used the term blockchain in a 2008 paper that described the concept of blocks of encrypted data linked through a networked chain […]

 Reasons Why Your Pharmacy Business Needs A Loyalty Scheme..

There are heaps of successful businesses that have implemented a loyalty program, and for good reason. They improve customer loyalty, increase overall purchases, encourage repeat business, and much more.  Let’s dive into it. 1. Improve Customer Loyalty  The entire reason a company creates a loyalty program is to improve their customers loyalty. Offering discounts or […]

This Is How Drugs Go From the Lab to Pharmacy Shelves…

Procurement & Supply Chain Once a drug is approved by the FDA, it needs to enter the manufacturing process. Going from small-scale to large-scale manufacturing, however, is a major undertaking. In many cases, companies must build a new manufacturing facility or reconstruct an old one because the manufacturing process is different from drug to drug. […]


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