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What You Need To Know About Foot Corns

Foot corns can be safely treated, and you can even prevent future ones. Keep reading to learn tips on
how you can manage existing corns and minimize your chances of developing new ones.


You can develop foot corns from wearing shoes that are too snug on your feet. If you stand or walk for
long periods of time, the weight of your body and the constant friction can also cause painful corns on
the bottoms of your feet.


If you’re sure you have a corn, you can try one of these methods to manage it at home. You should also
get rid of any shoes that are too small for your feet and other ill-fitting shoes.

File away the corn
It may be possible to remove the corn. Use these steps:

• Soak your feet in a warm bath with Epsom salts.
• After the soak, pat your feet dry with a clean towel and moisturize with a hydrating lotion or cocoa
• Continue this process daily until your corn has softened.
• After it’s softened and not painful, try gently rubbing the corn with a pumice stone.
• If the corn is between your toes, use an emery board, also known as a nail file, to rub them.
• Repeat these steps until your corn has disappeared, which may take a few weeks.

Apply castor oil and corn pads

• If you’d prefer to not file away your corn, there are other methods. You can soak your feet daily as
described above and then follow these steps:

• Pat dry your feet and apply castor oil. This is a vegetable-based oil that you can purchase at your local
• After moisturizing your corn with castor oil, protect it with a special corn pad that you can find at your
pharmacy. Corn pads help relieve the pressure from the area so that the corn can heal.
• After applying, make sure to wear socks that are not too tight and ones you don’t care for because the
castor oil can stain. It could take several weeks for the corn to heal.

Over-the-counter options

If you’d prefer a quicker method to get rid of your corns, over-the-counter options are available and
considered safe and effective as well. You can purchase corn pads containing salicylic acid in the foot
care aisle of your pharmacy and apply them on your corns. By following the directions provided, you can
see your corns disappear in as quickly as two weeks.


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