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Besides Tea, Here are 4 Drinks Not to be Consumed with Medicines

Besides Tea, Here are 4 Drinks Not to be Consumed with Medicines

– We all know that medicines usually tasted bitter. To cover the bitter taste up, some people choose to take medicine accompanied by tea or other drinks besides mineral water. However, tea, or the other kind of drinks, should not be consumed together with medicinal drugs. Those other drinks are:

1. Milk

Taking antibiotics, such as ampicillin, amoxicillin, chloramphenicol, and tetracycline and ciprofloxin group antibiotics with milk are not recommended. Calcium, zinc, iron, and magnesium in milk can bind certain types of antibiotics and inhibit the absorption of drugs in the intestine.

When antibiotics bind to these substances, they can form substances that are insoluble and cannot be absorbed by our body. As a result, the drug becomes ineffective and the healing process takes longer than usual. If you want to drink milk, you have to wait two hours before or after taking medicine.

2. Soy milk

A study says the compounds that contained in soy milk can inhibit the absorption of thyroid medication consumption. Doctors usually advise patients to avoid food and beverage products containing soy four hours after taking thyroid medicine.

3. Grapefruit juice

Red grapefruit juice contains chemicals that can bind enzymes in the intestine. When the juice inhibits enzymes, it is very easy for drugs to enter the bloodstream. As a result, blood levels will be faster and higher than normal. In some cases, blood levels that are too high can be dangerous. The best thing to do is to avoid drinking red grapefruit juice along with some blood pressure medications, cholesterol medications, and blood vessel blockages.

4. Soft drinks

Besides containing high sugar levels, consuming soft drinks or carbonated drinks with medicinal drugs can cause allergies or certain side effects. Consumption of drugs with soft drinks can also cause absorption of iron in the body. Therefore, you should avoid taking medicine with soft drinks.

Although tea has various benefits, drinking tea with medicine is not recommended at all. Similar with tea, other types of drinks, such as milk, red grapefruit juice, and soft drinks are not recommended to be taken together with medicibal drugs. It is better to always provide water if you want to take medicine. If your condition worsens or there are dangerous side effects after taking medicine with tea, consult with your doctor immediately.


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