Coronavirus/COVID-19 preparedness

What is your role?

Community pharmacies in coronavirus/COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) outbreak-affected and unaffected countries are often the first point of contact with the health system for those with concerns or in need of information and reliable advice. Their responsibilities include stocking appropriate products and promoting disease prevention. Hospital pharmacies in outbreak-affected and unaffected countries have an important role in in-hospital infection control as well as patient care and support. Pharmacists may also have roles in clinical laboratories.

FIP Guidance on COVID-19

We have divided our guidance into four sections, which assist the workforce as a whole. Guidance specifically for community, hospital and clinical biology sectors can be found in Section 2 “Guidelines for pharmacists and the pharmacy workforce”. The FIP guidance is based on the available evidence and the recommendations of reputable organisations such as the World Health Organization, the United States and the European Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, and others, as cited at the time of publishing. The available knowledge about COVID-19 is rapidly changing and such recommendations may change accordingly. Although FIP will strive to keep these guidelines up to date, we recommend consulting the websites of these organisations and any newly available evidence for the most recent


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