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Grievances on Pharmacy Practice in Nigeria!

The pharmacy profession has lost it’s standards and reputation. It’s become a practice being overrun by non-professionals aka quacks. So many vying, squabbling and fighting for the same rights and position to do the job of the pharmacist without the prerequisite qualifications. How do we fight this bane of corruption, infiltration and sub standardization?

This doesn’t happen with a physician’s practice. It’s better controlled and they have the autonomy. No one can do a physician’s job except a licensed and trained doctor.

However, pharmacy is fast becoming a redundant profession. We honestly need to wake up and seize back our practice from these posers. It’s watered down and cheapened who we are. Why go for a pharmacist when a non-pharmacist with some informal training and basic knowledge mostly gotten via apprenticeship and years of understudy will seemingly get the “job” done with far less pay and looser ethics. Sadly, the local man prefers this quick, cheap solution rather than seeking help through the appropriate channels.

I call on the PCN to do what its supposed to do: REGULATE!!! and make it harder for our practice to continue being run over by people who should have no business pretending to be who they’re not.

Our society at large still needs a massive reorientation and mind shift towards the relevance of pharmacists. We on our own, cannot do this alone. We need the collaborative help of other healthcare professionals to right the wrongs of the healthcare sector and make it a standard worthy of International recognition. The saying goes, a house divided against itself shall not stand.

United we stand, divide we fall.

Yours Truly,
Pharm Zizi.


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  1. Jonathan Ikokwu

    Truer words has never been said!!

  2. Nuga

    It can be done. It can be achieved. These quacks are basically dangerous to the general well being of the populace.
    The parent body needs to be more proactive in tackling this challenge.
    We have’fake hospitals and clinics, but the effort is on by both the NMA and Govt agencies to continually seek them out.

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