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H2O; A Low-Budget Medication

There’s no creature in the universe who hasn’t had a taste of this colourless, odourless liquid. Found in nature, this substance makes up 60% of the human body. It is the cheapest rehydrate.
Dear readers, I present to you – WATER (H2O)!
Water has numerous domestic and industrial uses. However, little attention is paid to its health benefits. The following are evidence-based benefits of water.
1. Water helps maximise physical and mental performance. Research shows that losing as much as 2% of body water content can impair physical performance. Adequate intake of water will make exercise easier, improve motivation, and prevent dehydration. Water significantly affects brain function and reduces feelings of anxiety.
2. Water helps to prevent and treat headaches. Research shows that headache is a sign of dehydration. Drinking water may help relieve symptoms of headaches and migraine.
3. Water helps in relieving constipation. Constipation is a common problem characterized by infrequent bowel movements. Increasing water consumption may help decrease constipation and this is backed by research as management for constipation involves increased fluid intake.
4. Water helps to manage kidney stones. Kidney stones are painful clumps of mineral crystals that form in the urinary system. Increased fluid intake increases the volume of urine passing through the kidneys. This dilutes the mineral concentration of urine which may form clumps.
5. Water helps to prevent hangovers. I bet you didn’t know this one! Alcohol is a diuretic and hence you would lose more fluids as you consume large amounts. This loss of fluids results in dehydration. A good way to reduce hangovers is to drink a glass of water between drinks and have at least one big glass of water before going to bed.
6. And for my fit fam partners, water can help in weight loss. This is possible because water boosts metabolism and increases the feeling of satiety. A 2013 study shows that water consumption before meals significantly reduces body weight and fat.
It is evident from the benefits listed above that water is truly a low-budget medication with both prophylactic and therapeutic use. As you wrap up reading this piece, now is a safe time to grab yourself a bottle of water and enjoy!
P/S: It is recommended that you drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water (equivalent to 1896ml of water) every day.
Source: Healthline; Benefits of Drinking Water

Written by:
Eze, Oluebubechukwu P.


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