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Sugar may be sweet, but the health effects of sugar consumption are not. Drinking large amounts of sugar can lead to serious health problems.

Did you know?

•Drinking large amounts of sugary beverages can increase the risk of gaining weight and developing Type 2 diabetes*, heart disease, and gout.**
•Sugary beverage intake is significantly associated with weight gain and obesity.
•Women who drink one or more sugary beverages daily have almost twice the risk of developing diabetes as those who drink less than one sugary beverage daily.
•A child’s risk of becoming obese increases by 60% with each additional sugary beverage consumed daily.
•Children who drink carbonated sugary beverages have almost double the risk of dental cavities.
•Drinking just one 20-ounce bottle of a sugary beverage per day can result in gaining 25 extra pounds per year.
•The health costs of obesity in the world are about $147 billion annually. With that money, we could buy everyone in Nigeria an iPad.

•Type 2 diabetes is a disease where the body cannot properly regulate blood sugar and can result in blindness, lower limb amputation, heart attack, impotence, and death.

•Gout is a form of arthritis that causes sudden, severe attacks of pain, redness and tenderness in joints, often the joint at the base of the big toe.

Nothing can quench thirst while tasting delicious like a glass of juice, cola, or sweet tea. Drinking sugary beverages taste great in the moment but hide loads of danger under their unassuming surface. Even beverages that get marketed as “healthy” can present some pretty insidious side effects if you don’t drink them in moderation. While these novelties can brighten our day, they can wreak havoc on our bodies.

Scientists have studied the effects of sweet beverages for years and the known side effects of constantly drinking these products have been well documented. While an occasional soda or juice probably won’t hurt your general health, having one too many energy drinks or sodas can cause a wide variety of consequences that you don’t want in your life. According to the Harvard Medical School, opt for a cup of water instead of an extra sugary drink when a craving strikes to help you avoid any unwanted health concerns down the road.

By consulting the vast amount of scientific research devoted to studying what dangerous side effects stem from drinking sugary beverages, we have assembled the master list of what dangerous side effects you might face if you drink one too many.

•Liver disease:When we down one too many drinks loaded with sugar, we put undue stress on our livers

•Heart disease:As we learn more about what sugar does to our body, the correlation between the sweet stuff and heart disease grows stronger than ever. With so many potential drinks leading to heart cardiovascular complications, we can pinpoint a key root back to sugary beverages.

•Leptin resistance:Even if leptin resistance sounds scary and foreign, you probably know a few folks who face it, especially if they can’t resist grabbing extra-large smoothies or sodas. According to a piece of research published through Metabolism: Clinical and Experimental, leptins constitute several chemicals that normalize our metabolism, immune system, and more.

•Sugar addiction and lot more

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