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HealthTech Health Technology medical innovation turning point

HeathTech is one of the technology that has gained more attention after the Covid-19 crisis, both in terms of investment and response to the behavior of people who are increasingly focused on health care. Coupled with the shift in behavior from social distancing, HeathTech has become more active in the medical industry.

Get to know HealthTech, a health startup.
HealthTech is a health technology developed with people in mind. Play a role to support today’s growing health care needs. It is an innovation that builds on the basis of science for the quality of human life. and enhance the advancement of the medical community around the world. Take, for example, Touch Surgery , a British startup that has simulated surgery. and presented in the form of AR Simulation to be applied to teaching and learning of medical students to practice analyzing through virtual surgery It also reduces the problem of shortage of teaching resources as well.
Not only developed in the field of treatment only. But also to take care of people’s daily lives to access health knowledge. For example , British startup Babylon Health . It is an application that will help users make appointments or consult with doctors more conveniently by using AI systems to match doctors with patients. to make the treatment more effective There are also support features such as AI Chatbot that can answer medical questions 24 hours a day and ordering medicines by sending prescriptions from doctors to nearby pharmacies. through the application more conveniently
It is an example of a HealthTech startup that has access to everyday life. and a good connection between people and health care providers.

Examples of HealthTech to watch from around the world
Let’s see what HealthTech startups from around the world are currently interested in and can create a turning point for the healthcare industry.

Image Source: MedicPad
MedicPad HealthTech from Romania is a platform for physicians to share patient data via cloud storage via a smartphone application. which can ensure that important information of the patient will not leak out
The information shared will consist of personal history. History of illness, congenital disease, history of receiving medications and various treatments so that the medical team can diagnose and treat or analyzing treatment approaches more conveniently and efficiently
by sharing patient data between individual medical teams This saves time and improves treatment efficiency. Therefore, it is one of the most interesting startups ever.

Image Source: Bioworld
Novamab is a Chinese HealthTech developing biopharmaceutical technology. (Biopharmaceuticals) by applying the concept of nanobody for drug development. (Nanobody-Based Drugs) to be more effective.
Novamab has built a research center to explore the possibility of using nanobody technology to improve drug efficacy. and the current pharmaceutical world It also aims to make the medical community around the world understand the importance of nanobody technology.
If the results were as expected by Novamab. Not only will the drug be more effective But this means that the outcome of the treatment has a higher chance of success as well.

Image Source: OnceDaily
Andiamo is a UK-based HealthTech that started out as a husband and wife from the Parvez family lost their son to cerebral palsy. Thus sparked a startup that wanted to help children. who have physical abnormalities with 3D Printer to use to create prosthetics to replace missing parts, disabled or have problems in living
This is an idea that will help create a future for children. around the world with physical disorders to be able to live as close to normal children as possible With this world-changing idea, it was funded by Sir Richard Branson, CEO of the Virgin Group and was able to join the NHS (UK Public Health Service).

Investor Interest in HealthTech
HealthTech is currently gaining a lot of attention from investors. According to data from Statista , from 2015 to 2017, HealthTech continued to invest up to 20% per year and continues to grow, particularly in 2020 after the Covid-19 crisis, Medcitynews said . Several HealthTech companies have made public offerings (IPOs), each receiving a minimum investment of $200 million, including:
Online insurance company GoHeath closes its IPO with $916 million in trading.

Teleheath medical services company Amwell closes IPO with $742 million
Pharmaceutical software company Schrodinger closes $232 million IPO
The HealthTech that has received attention from people in the present era are: Wireless health innovations and health tracking devices via mobile health devices that can be easily carried, such as smart watches, smart phones, which if counting only the mobile market Health from the past year has grown up to 42% per year ever.

Wireless Health Wireless health innovations include, for example, the installation of vital signals to the patient’s body. When an abnormality occurs, it sends a signal to the attending physician. to be able to help immediately This will help the management of patient care personnel more efficiently. It can also store statistics to be used as information for treatment as well.
Mobile Health From the past, it was only possible to record health data such as heart rate measurements. or movement during exercise But nowadays, these devices have been developed until they can be used in public health such as sending health information to doctors for diagnosis and treatment anytime, anywhere, such as blood sugar level data. oxygen level as well as tracking the sleep of the wearer It makes health care become more intimate and more tangible.

HealthTech and its importance to Nigeria in the future
According to forecasts by the National Economic and Social Development Council, by 2023, Nigeria will have an elderly population of 13 million, accounting for 20% of the total population. which is a full entry into an aging society
This shows that Health care is becoming the main trend of Nigerian people. Not many startups see the opportunity that is about to happen. 
Therefore, the entry of HealthTech will definitely play a greater role. for example

PharmahubNG: Platform that focuses on caring for patients irrespective of location especially with pharmaceutical care services . Help manage patient drugs in accordance with doctors prescription. or strictly as ordered by the doctor Including a service to pick-up medications and send it it to patients at home.from the hospital. Especially target groups who do not have time to take care of patients or elderly relatives, such as those who have to go to work on a regular basis, etc.
In addition, with the accessibility of smartphones, people can access health information more accurately and more conveniently. 


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