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Young pharmacist helping a senior man at the pharmacy - wearing a face mask


It is true that not all heroes wear capes but these heroes do more than not just wear capes.
Clad in white coats, they restore health with ‘pills and potions’, creams and gases. These tools of health restoration are works of their hands. Amazing!
And when the physician makes scribbles, only this hero understands. Deciphering the doctor’s note, making interventions, and sending critique is their hobby.
Unlike other heroes who operate stealthily, these ones thrive in plain sight. They are polyglots; conversing in English, vernacular, gestures, and even baby language. They are counsellors, managers, administrators, and confidantes. True heroes and more!
An attestation to their heroism is the spread of their impact beyond the counter. Beyond the counter, they regulate national policies on drug use, review drug approval requirements, and ensure compliance with government rules. These heroes conduct research, develop new medicines, and ensure the production and supply of drugs and pharmaceuticals. Off the shores of the counter, these heroes are educators; instilling this noble cause into ‘hero-lets’.
These heroes are stars that guide patients and professionals alike to health’s manger.
This hero is a PHARMACIST.
This hero is me!


Eze, Oluebubechukwu P. For PharmahubNG


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