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How can the pharmacist help you?

Pharmacists are the medicine experts.
They are available to help you in many ways. They may be located at your local pharmacy, hospital or at your doctor’s office. They are available to answer questions about medicine your doctor wants you to take and those you can buy at the store. They want to make sure you understand your medicine and how to take it the right way.

Here are some ways your pharmacist can help you take medicine properly:

•They can tell you about side effects of the medicine.

•They can tell you what foods or other medicine to avoid.

•They can tell you if you should take your medicine with a lot of water.

•They can give you tips to help you remember to take your medicine on time.

•They can also suggest tools to help you take your medicine.

•They will make sure it is covered by your insurance.

•They may provide written materials or websites for you to get more information.


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