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How to be good at your job as a pharmacist.

Just some things I have come across through working with some smart people.

  1. Be honest
    Don’t lie to people. It will fuck you over. If you fuck up, admit it. Don’t beat around the bush and make up excuses. This will gain you trust with your co-workers. If you can’t tell the truth then don’t expect people to be honest with or be loyal to you. With most people you only have one chance.
  2. Treat others time as if it’s more important that your own. Show up on time. For everything. ESPECIALLY IF YOU SCHEDULE A MEETING. Last weekend I was picking my girlfriend up from work and the person taking over her position was an hour late. They didn’t call or answer their phone and it definitely didn’t make her trust that person. If you show up on time, people will notice. If you are going to be late for something, let people know.
  3. Trust your co-workers
    Trust everyone you work with until they give you a reason not to, not the other way around. This will help when you have to delegate tasks and creates an awesome environment to work in.


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