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How to build a promising career in Pharmacy:

If you want a job in the medical field, being a doctor is not the only option. Here are the details to build a promising career in pharmacy – from the degree you need to different job roles available.

Just as the medical industry is the lifeline of healthcare, the pharmaceutical industry is the lifeline of medical industry. Let’s take a look at how young aspirants can build a promising career in pharmacy.

Pharmacy is an integral part of the healthcare industry; it caters to the preparation and dispensing of medicines that are required to treat a patient.

While most people think that by doing a course in pharmacy, the aspirants can work only in chemist shops, medical stores, or dispensaries; there is more to the career to add-on.

There are several other job opportunities that a pharmacy degree can help you venture into.

Why should you opt for a career in Pharmacy?

Before we dive into the plethora of career opportunities, let’s take a look at what makes a career in pharmacy so lucrative:

1. Role of a Pharmacist: A pharmacist plays the role of a fundamental bond between doctors, medical attendants, and patients. They can function as network drug specialists in a clinical setting or drug store.

They may likewise investigate choices inside a clinic or hospital, where they are close to the patients and in a domain where specialists, attendants and other public healthcare professionals may need them on issues concerned with medicines, and other patient care requirements.

2. Job will always be relevant: Since medicine is a prerequisite to treat diseases and improve quality of life, a career in pharmacy is recession-proof. So, the individuals who decide to take up Community Pharmacy as their profession course never have to confront any shortage of occupation or downturn.

The drug store industry needs a section of drug specialists and a person with a legitimate drug store degree will in no doubt land into a top-notch profession.

3. Research is important in a pharmacy career: Research is an important aspect of the medical industry and pharmaceutical business.

The drug specialists or pharmacists are emphatically persuaded to examine new medications, formulation and process improvement, toxicological investigations, and development of clinical trials.

4. Pharmacists have adaptable working hours: Work-life balance has become a need of the hour for any profession. Everybody endeavors to find a profession which offers them a better than average compensation reward along with the option of enjoying a harmonious home life.

Considering this, drug specialists relish adaptable working hours. Since drug specialists are sought after 24*7, it is feasible for them to look for employment that suits their lifestyle and work-shift preferences.

5. Pharmacists can work in drug-regulatory bodies: Regulatory bodies like PCN, FDA,NAFDAC etc are the administrative bodies that manages overseeing and implementation of the basic principles and guidelines for the drug and pharmaceutical industry.

A decent measure of understanding and a satisfactory degree in the field of pharmacy allows aspirants to become a part of these regulatory bodies.


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