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Important websites for pharmacists.

Extremely important website/s You Must get used to as a Pharmacist and Pharmacy students:

an on-line health platform which provide users ; both medical professional , medical students and non medical professional with needed health services & Medicine Info. Focused on SDG3.

●Association of Community Pharmacists of Nigeria [ACPN]:

●Pharmacy Council of Nigeria[PCN]:

●Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria[PSN]:

●Young Pharmacists’ Group is an interest group of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria.[YPG-PSN]:

●Association of Hospital and Administrative Pharmacists of Nigeria [AHAPN]:,health%20and%20effective%20service%20delivery.

●International Pharmaceutical Federation [FIP]:

●Pharmaceutical association of Nigeria students [PANS]:

●Association of industrial pharmacists of Nigeria[NAIP]:

●Commonwealth Pharmacists Association[CPA]:

●The Nigeria Association of Pharmacists in Academia [NAPA]:
The umbrella body for all pharmacists working in tertiary educational institutions and research institutes across the country.,research%20institutes%20across%20the%20country.

●Nigerian association of pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists in America[NAPPSA].

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