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Making the Most oF a new semester/session

a prep talk For Pharmacy students amongst us..

Starting Afresh (Making the best of a new semester),9th January,2022-

The Topic of our discussion this Evening is centred on , starting afresh ( making the best of a New semester


as we all know, Pharmacy school can be tough, really tough,but the determined always scale through…..

So, in our discussion tonight I will be very real with us, real life lessons and skills

So what does a new beginning mean?

It simply means, a fresh start, it means Forgetting the past, it means making the moment count, it means thriving in the present, it means, to be the best and beat the best….

#So, let’s continue:-

How do you start afresh ,this new semester (1st or second) or a new class!.

1.You need to call Yourself to order, Yes you need to take a biro and a paper. Re examine Your life, reexamine your school result’s From the past, ask “Me Question”
Am I really doing well?

Is this results, a true test of my abilities?
.where am I missing something?

What am I doing wrong?

2.after drafting those Questions of self appraisal, we analyze how to bece better versions…

What was Your pharm-chem results last semester?
Assuming You had a “c”

Now is the time to draft a template on how to score an “A” it is very very easy..ask me how.

– change Your circle( maybe you have friends that are not too good with chemistry, don’t leave them, just make more friends with that chemistry scholar in Your class) yes it’s as simple as that.

Then, Engage more time studying that course, visit more tutorial on that YouTube videos on each topic to get better understanding

When You are done with this,..

3.You write out a Smart goal on all courses and paste it on every corner of Your books..

That goal should contain Your prospective grade you wish to score in every course…

4.Improve Your Study time this semester, if You study for 2hrs before now.

This is the time to increase it to, 3hrs: 30mins or More…

If You do not use Past Questions, as a study guide, this is the time to gather many and many past Questions

This is the time to get serious, and just flogg out this Pharmacy thing ones and for all

#Again, what does it mean to start afresh?

It means, this is the time to Strictly face Your fears.
It means it is the time to Forget the last CARRY OVERS OR RESITS and Write them off ones and for all

It means, even if Your current GPA is 3.2/5.0 , forget the past and work on your GPA to 4.5/5.0 and above

I know what it means to Fail, but I can tell You to Forget the past and Focus on The Future…

Again, Starting Afresh simply means, DEFINING YOUR RELATIONSHIPS.
(Wether romantic or agape)

This semester, any friendship that is not improving You, kindly withdraw, any friendship that is not making You better than before, making you have good grades, kindly Exit the Friendship

#Starting Afresh, simply Means, staying Focus on Your goals, determined and true to what You plann on achieving this semester..

It simply means, not being ashame to ask for help, when you do not understand a Topic.

It simply means, telling Yourself, You must finish with parallel A this semester

#Here are Ways to Become a Highly Capable Student and Achieve Academic Excellence this semester:

1.Start studying early.
This is not The time to start running from pillar to post.

2.Put effort in getting good grades.
Consciously work on your GPA,no time for stories.

3.Reduce your personal time waster.
Reduce time u use in going to club, and boyfriend and girlfriend house, for those housing one boy or the other, if your grades are not good why not move to campus hostel?

4.Do your homework and get over it.
Ensure You actively participate in all Assignments no de form,for assignment.

5.Play games to learn.
Take out time for good leisure.

6.Review your test papers.

7.Work hard to get better knowledge.

8.Renew yourself regularly:
Learn to rest and watch over Your health, no time for tantrums, take Your malaria drugs along with u to school, rest ,rest and rest ,your body needs it.

#Accept Responsibility:

Remember that you alone are responsible for your academic achievement. Your instructor is your guide and your classmates may help you to understand your assignments; however, you are responsible for your own success.

#Discipline Yourself
Discipline yourself to study everyday at least two hours or until you understand your assignment. Study to know and to understand, not merely to get a particular grade.

#Manage Your Time
Manage your time well, so that you allow time for your personal responsibilities and time to study. Remember procrastination is a subtle thief that will steal your academic success.

#Stay Ahead
Stay one or more chapters ahead in reading your textbook.

#Help Yourself Then Ask for Help
If you are not keeping up in class, do all that you can do to help yourself to improve your academic performance. (For example: increase your study time, form a study group, study with a partner. If you continue to experience difficulty, make an appointment with your instructors to talk about your academic performance.

#Be Present and Prompt
Avoid being absent or tardy. You are required to attend classes from the first day that classes begin for the semester. Good attendance will give you first-hand knowledge of your instructors’ comments and responses to questions. Also, good attendance shows

#Don’t Quit
Do not stop coming to class because of a personal crisis, problem, or frustration.

#Communicate with Instructors or course advisors:
If you cannot come to class because you are ill, notify your instructors. Try to make arrangements to make up your missed assignments.

#Do Your Best
Only your best is good enough. Strive for “A’s” and “B’s,” even if you have never earned “A’s” and “B’s

#Diligently Work Until the End
Do not slow down after mid-semester. Work harder than you did at the beginning of the semester. Sustain your hard work until the end of the semester.

#Use Support Services
Find out about Your schools support services and use them. (i.e., Academic Support Center, Student Support Services, Office of Academic Advisement, Office of Counseling and Testing, and Learning Support Counselors.)

A prerequisite is a course that must be successfully completed prior to enrollment in another course, ensure You pass them all

#Stay Focused
Focus on your academic goals. As far as possible, eliminate negative influences and distractions that may prevent you from reaching your goal

#This semester is the semester you should be close to Your course advisors and lecturers, do not hate any lecturer.

Ask Questions when You seem Confused.

#Finally,To start afresh this semester means, to be real, to be truthful do not go and pack Your things into a boys house, you might successfully fail out of Pharmacy school.

# it means, this is the semester to tell Yourself that You must Excel, You must do well in that practical class that is giving You issues, that course that is giving You sleepless nights.

# means it is the time you will hone Your skills, create time to learn new things outside pharmacy.

#it means this is the Fresh start to manage Your Finance properly,to manage Your Finance..

#It means this is the time to tell Yourself the truth, regarding the path of pharmacy you want to work on…and the career path you want..

#Finally as school resumes, trust God to make Your plans successful,Stay True, stay Focused,Stay real. Forget the Past, this is a new beginning.

You can change the fate of Your GPA now……. YES YOU CAN.

thanks everyone For Your Time.

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