Medication Safety Tip’s..


It is very important to take medications in the way that your doctor prescribed. Often, people miss doses because:

They do not understand the importance of a drug for their health condition, or

They do not refill them when the medication runs out.


•Keep a list of your medications on your refrigerator so that you and the nurse visiting your home know what you are taking. The list should include names of both prescription and over-the-counter medications, dosage, frequency, and reason for taking them.

•Ask your caregiver to put your medications in a weekly or monthly pillbox separated by time of day. This will help you remember if you took your medication by seeing if the pills are removed from the box.

•Ask your pharmacy if they provide “blister packaging” (individual doses of your medication in separate packages).

•Ask your pharmacist to provide the label in your language.

•Set an alarm to remind you when you have to take your medication.

•Ask the pharmacy for refills 5 days before you run out of medication.

•Ask the pharmacy to call you when the medication is due for renewal.

•Use one pharmacy so that they can make sure there are no drug interactions among all of the medications that you take.


If you do not understand why you are taking a medication or how to take it, ask your doctor.

•Do not take medications prescribed for another person or share your medication with someone else.

•Check the expiration dates on your medication bottles to make sure your medications are not expired.

•Bring your medication list to each doctor visit and notify them if you are aware that something has changed. Make sure to mention over-the-counter medications, vitamins, herbal supplements, creams, ointments and eye drops.

•If you experience a side effect, tell your doctor.

•Store medications in a cool, dry, safe place away from pets and children.Do not store them in the bathroom because the medication can be affected by humidity



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