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Online Pharmacy? Can Nigeria be at the fore Front

Online Pharmacy, Medication Reminder Devices(MRDs), Medication Therapy Management(MTM) and Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs(PDMP) are examples of ways in which pharmacy has been digitized.

It would interest you to know that HealthPlus launched an e-Pharmacy last year and that has skyrocketed their sales.
Digital pharmacy forms the junction between traditional pharmacy and technology. It focuses on how the use of technology can have a positive influence on the business of Pharmacy, as well as patient care.

A good number of pharmaceutical establishments have ventured into the digital pharmacy space both in Nigeria and outside Nigeria for the following reasons:
It saves time
Instead of manually recording details of patients, it is faster to store the information of patients as data that can easily be accessed in the future.
It is less stressful
With the advent of online pharmacy, patients may need to go out of their houses to consult a pharmacist or a doctor. They can easily do the consultations online and get their drugs delivered to them in cases where they are too sick to go out.
Provision of better health care
When a person is unwell, there are tendencies that the person would forget to take his drugs or even when remembers, he forgets to take the correct dose.
Medication Reminder Devices(MRDs) provide solutions to problems like that, by alarming the patient when it is time to take his drugs and locking after the correct drug dose has been taken.


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