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At PharamhubNG, students are not left out. We have an ever growing community of students in all fields of medicine. We embark on a coaching process, help students review their thesis and give them all available resources to pass their exams. 


The benefits you stand to get while working with us include:

Job Alert

At PharmahubNG, we help provide recent job opportunities for fresh graduates and also side jobs for students


At PharmahubNG, we provide regular update and recent research articles for students to enable them keep up with recent trends in the field of medicine.


With time intervals, we organize regular webinars for our students where by we teach them and also allow them contribute.


At PharmahubNG, we Provide our students with books and informations required to take them through school of medicine.

Fast Response.

At Pharmahub, we provide students with other miscellaneous assistance that has to do with their growth and practice in health.


At Pharmahub, we help you grow your network of students in your field of study and also across other field of health sciences.

Join Our PEP Group

Are you a pharmacist preparing for Pre-registration Examination for Pharmacist? we have a coaching class for this and will be glad to help you prepare.

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Writing  your awesome thesis and need it reviewed with all honesty? PharmahubNG is the place for that, we will gradually go through your thesis and tell you where you did well and also where you need corrections.

Submit your thesis through the form below, lets get started.

    Get Customized Lab Coat.

    Looking for a well fitted customized lab coat? look no further, just click the button and get started.


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    PharmahubNG thank you for Helping me,go through pharmacy school easily.



    Thanks You PharmahubNG for making PEP preparation easy for us..


    Post Intern

    Bless God I found, PharmahubNG it is indeed a great learning platform Thank you once again

    Ezekiel Israel


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