Below we’ve compiled a list of the most important skills for a Pharmacist. We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of Pharmacist resumes they appeared on. For example, 32.6% of Pharmacist resumes contained Retail Pharmacy as a skill. Let’s find out what skills a Pharmacist actually needs in order to be successful in the workplace.

The six most common skills found on Pharmacist resumes in 2020. Read below to see the full list.

1. Retail Pharmacy

High Demand

Here’s how Retail Pharmacy is used in Pharmacist jobs:

  • Retail pharmacy with an emphasis on an interdisciplinary approach combining traditional Western medicine with Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM).
  • Performed all duties required for the daily operation of a retail pharmacy including advising physicians on medication interactions.
  • Managed and directed a retail pharmacy to dispense different kind of medications with excellent customer’s relationships.
  • Worked as a pharmacy student at Kroger pharmacy managing day to day operations related to retail pharmacy

2. Drug Therapy

High Demand

Here’s how Drug Therapy is used in Pharmacist jobs:

  • Provide Oncology Pharmacy Services including dispensing, compounding, clinical intervention, drug therapy monitoring, patient counseling and clinical research.
  • Optimized ARV therapy regimens for newly diagnosed AIDS patients by providing clinical drug therapy recommendations to infectious disease physicians;.
  • Participate in internal and critical care medicine rounds with a multidisciplinary team and provide drug therapy interventions when needed.
  • Recognized drug therapy errors, communicating with doctors on therapy adjustments and making recommendations on therapy plans for patients.

3. Customer Service

High Demand

Here’s how Customer Service is used in Pharmacist jobs:

  • Manage and coordinate daily operations, including sales, customer service, administrative/accounting functions for a retail drug store pharmacy department.
  • Collaborated on preventative care initiatives with Wellness Ambassador including marketing, event planning, customer service and seamless patient care.
  • Recruited to develop an existing IDS program needing regulatory and customer service enhancements to comply with AAHRPP accreditation.
  • Filled prescriptions, extensive compounding being a compounding location, immunizations, counseling, customer service, problem resolution

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4. Filling Prescriptions

High Demand

Here’s how Filling Prescriptions is used in Pharmacist jobs:

  • Experience in monitoring computerized patient profiles, filling prescriptions and counseling patients in accordance with state and federal pharmacy regulations.
  • Provide comprehensive pharmaceutical care in a time-efficient manner through filling prescriptions, providing clinical services, and counseling patients.
  • Partnered with medical professionals and support staff in ensuring optimal delivery of treatments by efficiently processing and filling prescriptions.
  • Interfaced with customers to provide pharmaceutical services, including patient consultation, compounding and filling prescriptions.

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5. IV

High Demand

Here’s how IV is used in Pharmacist jobs:

  • Interpreted laboratory data of patients related to medication safety and effectiveness and communicated relevant issues to physicians and other team members.
  • Reviewed existing treatment regimens and identified, prevented and resolved drug therapy problems including inappropriate/ineffective/unsafe therapy and/or issues related to compliance.
  • Monitor pharmacy consult, discern alerts and formulate recommendation to physician to ensure patient safety, and positive clinical outcome.
  • Develop comprehensive training documentations to facilitate the support of pharmacy systems and programs that fulfill member’s benefits and eligibility.

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6. Drug-Drug Interactions

High Demand

Here’s how Drug-Drug Interactions is used in Pharmacist jobs:

  • Verify orders and analyze patient medication profiles for duplicate medications, allergies, and drug-drug interactions.
  • Conduct patient profile monitoring of therapeutic, duplication, drug-disease interactions and drug-drug interactions.
  • Reviewed orders for drug-drug interactions, therapeutic duplication, and medication timing and selection.
  • Reviewed prescriptions for drug-drug interactions, correct dosing and contacted physicians for clarifications.

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7. Patient Care

High Demand

Here’s how Patient Care is used in Pharmacist jobs:

  • Conducted drug reviews and provided pharmacological counseling to nurses and physicians regarding drug interaction, dosage adjustment and patient care management.
  • Assist in quality patient care by providing additional information about medication side effects and administration under guidance of Pharmacist in Charge.
  • Participated in multidisciplinary committees to improve patient care, develop clinical programs, standardize pediatric medication practices and decrease medication errors.
  • Educated and trained pharmacy technicians to be competent pharmacy professionals, assume patient care responsibilities and pursue daily business activities.

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8. OTC

High Demand

Here’s how OTC is used in Pharmacist jobs:

  • Provided professional opinion and assistance in selecting OTC medication based on indication to assure correct use and appropriateness of medication.
  • Established long-term patient relationships through proactive patient education as well as addressing questions and concerns regarding prescription and OTC medications
  • Counseled patients on prescription and OTC medications Administered immunizations including flu shots Transferred orders and received new orders
  • Counseled patients on OTC and prescription medications, provided patient education, and administered immunizations.

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9. Pharmd

High Demand

Here’s how Pharmd is used in Pharmacist jobs:

  • Act as an HIV pharmacy preceptor to Western University of Health Sciences College of Pharmacy PharmD candidates
  • Assisted in the supervision of PharmD candidates from McWhorter School of Pharmacy on rotation.
  • Shadowed Diane Bell (PharmD, Pharmacy Manager).
  • Ray Skiver, PharmD, Staff Pharmacist

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10. Counsel Patients

High Demand

Here’s how Counsel Patients is used in Pharmacist jobs:

  • Verify and process medications * Counsel patients and communicate with health professionals * Review and manage inventory * Efficiently solve patient/insurance problems
  • Process, fill, and verify prescriptions efficiently and accurately * Counsel patients regarding prescription and over-the-counter medication
  • Provide excellent customer service and counsel patients concerning prescription and over the counter medications.
  • Perform drug utilization review, counsel patients on prescriptions and over-the-counter medications.

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11. Medication Orders

High Demand

Here’s how Medication Orders is used in Pharmacist jobs:

  • Evaluated physician medication orders and medical records for appropriateness of drug dosage, potential interactions, route of administration and stability.
  • Obtained, interpreted and evaluated all physician medication orders for therapeutic appropriateness, cost effectiveness, accuracy, safety and completeness.
  • Prepared medication orders by filling syringes and dispensing from the MedCarousel Stocked new medication deliveries and disposed of expired medications
  • Designed and operated drug monitoring and utilization programs and oversaw production of sterile compounding; processed electronic medication orders.

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12. Order Entry

High Demand

Here’s how Order Entry is used in Pharmacist jobs:

  • Managed order entry and verification Dispensed prescriptions, counseled and monitored patients, assisted physicians in patient care.
  • Perform all aspects of medication dispensing including order entry, preparation and verification of prescriptions rapidly and accurately.
  • Process prescriptions rapidly and accurately in an active community pharmacy while managing order entry and verification.
  • Drug distribution responsibilities included order entry, medication preparation and final medication check for inpatients.

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13. Pharmacy Staff

High Demand

Here’s how Pharmacy Staff is used in Pharmacist jobs:

  • Developed and delivered Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) accredited continuing education presentations to pharmacy staff.
  • Established pharmacy practice standard and trained pharmacy staff to provide pharmaceutical care to pediatric and neonatal patients.
  • Coordinated care between pharmacy staff and other branch departments to ensure correct implementation of physician orders.
  • Resolved financial and operational issues in collaboration with other pharmacy staff, admissions and reimbursement.

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14. Inventory Control

High Demand

Here’s how Inventory Control is used in Pharmacist jobs:

  • Performed inventory control and dispensed intravenous medications on daily basis and premixed medications when necessary as an intravenous medication pharmacist.
  • Performed all duties as required of a staff Pharmacist Contributed to profitable inventory control Assisted in resolving third party insurance issues
  • Manage inventory to maximize pharmacy profitability, reduce wasted, unused, expired medications, cost effective inventory control.
  • Provided patient counseling, inventory control, adjudication of third party claims and supervision of pharmacy technicians.

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15. New Patient Profiles

Average Demand

Here’s how New Patient Profiles is used in Pharmacist jobs:

  • Enter new patient profiles and prescriptions into the QS software system.
  • Enter new patient profiles and prescriptions into pharmacy system.
  • PaEntered new patient profiles and prescriptions into medication input softwaresystem.
  • Entered new patient profiles and prescriptions, managed pharmacy inventory through re-ordering, returns and inter-store transfers.


Retail Pharmacy40.5%
Drug Therapy14.3%
Customer Service5.1%
Filling Prescriptions4.6%
Drug-Drug Interactions4%
Patient Care3.1%


Rank Skill Percentage


Retail Pharmacy



Drug Therapy



Customer Service



Filling Prescriptions






Drug-Drug Interactions



Patient Care









Counsel Patients



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