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Startups Delivering Prescription Drugs and More (Legally)..

PharmahubNG: drugstore is full of frustrations.Wait on line for a prescription they’ve run out.Thankfully, a new generation of startup is tackling the burdens of pills and prescription plans and delivering the drugs right to your door.This company is a Nigerian based Pharm Tech Start-Up, focused on Pharmacy Education, Patient care and well-being thus bringing […]

Improving Medication Safety.

10 Quick Things a Pharmacist Wants You to Know! Pharmacists undertake great care to reduce errors and harm when it comes to supplying your medicines. They work closely with the health system to supply you with secure, regulated, and effective medication that benefit you as an individual. But you too have the tools to increase […]

5 Famous Pharmacists to Inspire You!!

Although we might not really think about it, pharmacists and their work have had a dramatic impact upon the world in which we live.  Of course, if you’re thinking of studying on a pharmacy degree programme, pursuing a career in pharmacy isn’t your only way of making a difference. .Below are a list of 5 famous people, […]