Simple tips to pass All Exams in Pharmacy school!

Here are some tips which can help you reduce stress and anxiety.

1. Review, review, review!

In any class, the exam is a test on everything that you have learned. So re-read your notes, look at your old tests and try to remember everything your teacher has taught you. A very useful technique for reviewing is to make flash cards with key notions on the subject. On the one side of a flash card you can write a term or a question and on the other side the answer should be provided. In such a way, you can both practice and then test yourself.


2. Positive attitude!

If you keep telling yourself that you’re going to fail, chance are high you will. But if you keep on thinking that you’ll do well, you’ll eventually do so. That’s why it is so important to keep a positive attitude and never let anything bring your confidence down.

3. Get your rest!

It’s no use to stay awake all night long before the exam. If you haven’t learned or revised everything, one last night won’t save you. Instead, you’ll feel broken and deadly tired, which is definitely not really helpful for exam passing. So, try to get an 8-hour sleep.


4. Eat your breakfast!

Even though you might feel really nervous and anxious, make sure you eat a healthy and delicious breakfast on the day of the exam. You can also pamper yourself with some chocolate because it stimulates brain work and just makes you feel happier 🙂


5. Be prepared!

Will you need extra sheets of paper? Pens? Pencils? Erasers? Notebooks? In order not to get distracted, make sure in advance that you have taken everything you will need for the exam. Also, don’t forget to bring water along because you might not be allowed to go outside the classroom to get a drink.


6. Review one last time!

No matter how much time I have spent reviewing, I always take a couple of minutes just before the exam to have a last quick look at my notes. It helps me calm down and gives me a bit more confidence 🙂


7. Get rid of distractions!

Clear everything off your desk that won’t be needed during the exam. Turn off your phone, setting it on vibration won’t do. Moreover, if you use your phone during the exam, you might be accused of cheating and that automatically means failing.


8. Trust your instincts!

If you read a question and the answer instantly pops up in your mind, then go with it! Trust your gut feeling, you have taken time to study and you know everything!


9. Skip it!

If there is a question you stumble upon, leave it and go on. Don’t spend all your time trying to figure it out, cause you might run out of time otherwise. Come back to such tricky ones later, but if you still can’t figure it, don’t leave the space blank. Give it your best wild guess, and who knows, maybe your instincts won’t fail you! Also, it is important to use all your class time. If you are done, check your answers. If you have checked already, double-check.


10. Concentrate on after!

Try focusing on what you will do after you have passed the exam: celebration and partying!!! Because if you feel worried and keep thinking that you will fail, that won’t definitely do any good for you. Imagine that you are already done with the exam, it will give you this feeling of relief.


11. The most important tip…

Quit reading all of this and start the exam preparation! Best of the luck!



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