Six Pharmacy Related Instagram accounts you may like!

Hello again! I hope you’ve had a chance to listen to or follow some of the podcasts I shared with you in my last post. Do you have any favourites yet? Probably too early but let me know if you particularly enjoy any of those podcasts. As promised, today’s post is a follow up where I share six Pharmacy related Instagram accounts I enjoy following. I really applaud these content creators for their ability to consistently churn out these helpful infographics and quizzes despite having busy schedules. Even better, it’s all free content! So if you have an Instagram account you visit often, following these professionals will help you stay updated with with information in the pharmacy world.

  1. http://ambcarerx: I particularly enjoy following this account because it really touches all aspects of Pharmacy from pathology, treatment guidelines drug dosing, new FDA approvals, conversion charts to clinical decision making and much more. The interactive quizzes on Instagram stories is also a delight to use. This account is based out of Hawaii and I love to see how practice over there compares to Canadian practice plus I get great information on new drug approvals in the United States but not currently used in Canada.

  2. As the name suggests, these pretty slides are great summarised kits of information to quickly jolt your memory and remind you of those little details that may have been lost in years of practice. You have to visit to appreciate the beauty of these slides.

  3. This is also a great account with lots of charts and infographics that helps make your study life easier. This account also runs a blog that really expands on some topics and are always a delight to read. You have to visit that site to see all the awesome information packed in it for yourself. Definitely worth your follow!

  4. I am mentioning this account again even though I included them in my previous post. I can’t help it, I just think all their social channels are fabulous. The Instagram account is not just a mirror for the podcasts so expect new refreshing content from both channels.

  5. This account gives me exam preparation vibes so it’s certainly a great one to follow. I also like that it has cases from time to time which just puts you on to spot and stimulates your thinking tentacles, just like when you were taking the PEBC’s, remember?

  6. @walgreens_pharmacy_memes: This bonus account has nothing to do with clinicals. It’s a humor account but I can guarantee you the memes are so apt and sometimes, it’s just what I need after a long day’s work so add this to your follow and get some daily comic relief served fresh from behind the counter.

I hope you enjoy following these accounts and maybe, you get inspired to start yours. Sharing is a great way to solidify and modify your knowledge. Let me know in the comments if there are any Instagram accounts you follow that we may find interesting.


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