Staying Productive During Lockdown!

The novel COVID-19 which caused a global pandemic has halted so many activities; classrooms closed, jobs loss and other disastrous events. Some see it as an avenue to chill out, see varieties of movies, TV series, reality shows, to mention but a few. It’s not bad engaging in fun activities but excessive of it is time mismanagement.
How do we stay productive in order to remain relevant when all these get to an abrupt end? Here are some tips to enlighten you on being productive and making efficient use of your time:

  • Develop a skill

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This is way significant and can’t be over emphasized. As we all know the
importance of choosing a career path, it’s crucial to identify the skills needed. The question “What skill is expected from me in the pursuit of a career path?”, should always pop into our head and the moment we are able to give sustainable answers to this question, it increases our chances of being selected in the labour market.

  • Online courses

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Many people feel it’s boring and tiresome enrolling for online courses because
they are narrow-minded on the benefit gained, which is to boost their CV. No, that shouldn’t be the only reason, you get more exposed, gain more knowledge, giving you an upper hand. Do not enroll for an online course with the mindset of getting only a certification to boost your CV rather enjoy the process and amass as much knowledge as possible.

  • Bilingualism


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You hear people say, why do I have to go through the stress of learning another language? Well, recent research on bilingualism has found that speaking another language improves your life in many ways, ranging from new career opportunities, being opened to new cultures, sharpening of the mind and generally making you an all-around bad-ass. In the long run,
you’ll discover that all the time spent poring over books, language apps and watching of videos was an investment you’ll be glad you made.

  • Reading

Every book gives you an opportunity to learn new things, explore new ideas, increases your knowledge and makes you smarter. Ensure to read books that grows you mentally, spiritually, emotionally and psychologically.

  • Staying Healthy:

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As the popular saying goes, “Health is Wealth”.

Research has proven that physical exercises stimulates the production of endorphins (brain chemicals that leaves you happier and more relaxed) morning exercises coupled with balanced diet is a good form of staying health.

Stay Home, Stay Safe and Stay Productive.

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