A stye is a bacterial infection of the eyelid associated with the collection of pus. It’s caused by Staphylococcus aureus. This collection of pus results in a painful bump at the edge of the eyelid. It may also be inside or outside the eyelid.
A stye usually begins as a small yellowish spot at the eyelid margin.

▫️Signs on affected eyelid/eye include;
🔘Lump on upper/lower eyelid
🔘Swollen eyelid
🔘Redness of eyelid
🔘Crusts at eyelid margins(especially after waking up)
🔘Drooping eyelid
🔘Blurry vision
🔘Discomfort when blinking

Styes occurs due to a blockage of the oil gland at the edge of the eyelid.

▫️It can be triggered by:
🔘Poor nutrition
🔘Sleep deprivation
🔘Poor hygiene
🔘Rubbing of eyes
🔘Not removing makeup before sleeping
🔘Poor contact lens hygiene

▫️To prevent occurrence of stye/hordeolum:
🔘Maintain proper hygiene
🔘Maintain proper contact lens hygiene
🔘Avoid sharing cosmetic eye tools
🔘Discard old/expired cosmetic eye tools
🔘Remove makeup before sleeping
🔘Avoid touching/rubbing your eyes

A stye will usually go after a few days/weeks but to relieve symptoms, one can apply a warm (not too hot!) compress.
Use mild soap/shampoo (baby shampoo) to wipe off crusts at the eyelid margins. Do so with the eye closed.

❗Do not try to lance (‘burst’) a stye.
❗People with stye should stay away from the use of contact lens and eye cosmetics until it is resolved.



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