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Thank You Dear Pharmacist..

Pharmacists are amazing professionals who have extensive knowledge of medications, how to take them, and dosing, and they even help in the research of new medicines. It’s likely you see your pharmacist while picking up a prescription but don’t give him or her much thought. Your pharmacist is an incredible resource when to it comes to your health!

Why should you say thank you to your pharmacist?

They Do More Than Their Job

Technically speaking, a pharmacist’s job is to fill your prescription. However, pharmacists have a wide range of interests when it comes to health. They’re educated about different drug interactions, community health, and preventing chronic disease. They encourage health and health awareness in their communities and are experts in advising patients about their medications.

They know what the side effects of each medication are, what the proper dosage is, and can help you when it comes to choosing an over-the-counter medication. They prepare and supervise medication, sure, but they’re also passionate about helping you take the best care of yourself. Their work is never just getting your medication ready—they are innovators in the field of medicine and have the education and experience to assist you!

They’re Well-Educated to Serve You

Many people don’t realize that pharmacists have to go through years of school for the required experience and education to get their license in pharmacy. Pharmacists must complete pre-requisites in college coursework before beginning their doctorate degree in the pharmacy program of study, which usually takes a minimum of four years. This means your pharmacist likely went to school for eight years or more just to be a valuable resource for you!

Pharmacists are generally excellent communicators and are detail-oriented. Their skills are developed through years of training and education. They’re required to complete clinical rotations for their education and they’re also required to have a license in pharmacy in order to practice as a pharmacist. They’re extremely educated people—take advantage of this and ask them questions!

They’re There to Answer Your Questions

Pharmacists are there to answer any questions you have about your medication or your healthcare. Even if you’re not filling a prescription at a particular location, usually the pharmacist will speak with you!

Ask your pharmacist questions like when the best time to take a medication is, how to reduce side effects, or how to prevent your medications from reacting with each other. You can also ask them to look at a list of all your medications, and they can advise you whether or not there is potential for drug interactions. Ask your pharmacist how many refills you have.

If you’re having trouble with the side effects of your medication, ask your pharmacist. Often they are more available to you than your doctor and can readily answer questions. Confused about whether or not you should take generic? Ask them. Taking herbal supplements? Tell them so they can advise if they’ll work with your medications or against them.

Your pharmacist provides a wealth of knowledge, years of experience, and extensive education, all to serve you! Regardless of what questions you have, they can help. Say thank you to your pharmacist the next time you see them. They work hard to provide you with the best information and care possible. Let’s not forget they’re responsible for the accuracy of your prescriptions as well—these trustworthy, hard-working individuals don’t take the responsibility of helping you with your healthcare lightly. Thank you, pharmacists!


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