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The Importance of Pharmacy Software for your Community Pharmacy

What is Pharmacy Software? And Why Good Software is Important!

As a pharmacist, you play a vital role in patient care. It is your job to support the plan a doctor develops for the patient and to focus on improving patient outcomes.

The importance of software and technology in modern day community and retail pharmacy can not be over emphasized, here are some relevance of software in community pharmacy

Reduce Costs & Increase Revenue:
The capabilities afforded through BestRx allows you to track the cost of goods as well as operating expenses. Remove redundancies and keep track of inventory with inventory management. You also receive low payment warnings when you are being underpaid for certain prescriptions. Profit and loss reports generate to show you how much you are making or losing on each drug.

Address Medication Adherence:
One of the most prominent issues that remains is mediation adherence. The high cost of prescription drugs contributes along with patient confusion regarding what prescriptions they should take, in what quantities, and at what frequency. Software makes supporting your patient more attainable by offering automated patient messaging and medication therapy management.

Improve the Overall Patient Experience:
By integrating pharmacy software into your daily operations, you can feel empowered to streamline your business and make it more efficient so that you can spend more time with your patients.


The human aspects of the community pharmacy work system are vulnerable to medication-related errors. Pharmacy software encompasses a variety of solutions that handles pharmacy operations. Pharmacy software systems are used by pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and clinicians to not only deliver prescription medication to customers safely and efficiently, but so much more – benefitting both the pharmacy and its patients.

Pharmacy management software, what are they?

Pharmacy management software provides insight and streamlines management of drug inventory, tracking, and optimizing the supply of pharmaceutical products.

A comprehensive pharmacy management software platform also helps manage pricing, ensures prescriptions are matched to the correct medication and dosage, automates processing claims, and coordinates benefits for a customer’s insurance.

A key advantage to pharmacy software that works from an integrated platform is its ability to route workflow tasks across multiple systems, such as robotic prescription dispensing systems, as well as allow pharmacy staff access to prescription data throughout a pharmacy or across a health system’s network.

Let’s take a closer look at what pharmacy management software entails.

Inventory management

To keep costs under control and operate with efficiency, pharmacies must have the ability to accurately track inventory levels. Ideally, this functionality will include real-time inventory tracking, in addition to order generation, electronic transmission, and inventory receiving.

Inventory management software should be able to support both ambulatory and retail pharmacies, multiple inventory centers, and work directly with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) interfaces to ease communications with suppliers. Inventory reports should be comprehensive and customizable to meet a pharmacy’s specific needs and patient populations. This kind of detailed insight facilitates cost management, lean inventory, and forecasting, all of which minimizes capital tied up in inventory.

Workflow systems

With the growing adoption of automated dispensing systems in pharmacies, it’s important to have a seamless integration of robotic systems into the operational workflow. Pharmacy workflow software incorporates automation, workflow, and operational management into a single unified architecture. A workflow system will batch and track an order from entry to the point of sale, bringing efficiency and improved accuracy to the prescription dispensing process. Further, pharmacy staff can quickly access prescription data to better serve patients.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems

IVR systems provide integrated solutions that will manage pharmacy operations and handle inbound calls. IVR systems can answer calls to the pharmacy, include text-to-speech functionality, and provide patients status of their prescriptions, to name just a few capabilities.

Value of a centralized pharmacy software platform

A comprehensive, centralized pharmacy management software platform combines the management solutions for automatic dispensing, inventory control, and point-of-sale functionality. Having all these capabilities in one software package allows a pharmacy to process, track, and deliver prescriptions accurately and efficiently. A fully integrated system can also incorporate barcode driven workflows, IVR and other pharmacy-patient communication tools, and enterprise-wide management. A good system can be integrated into an existing EHR system through straightforward interfaces – facilitating access to patient information on both inpatient and outpatient networks. The software behind these systems can also be fully customizable to meet the unique demands of individual pharmacy settings.


Safe dispensing in community pharmacies: applying the software, hardware, environment and liveware (SHELL) model:


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