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The “live” water pump

Do you know that the water pump has a living version? Oh yes, it does and this explains a lot.

You know how the water pump or the entire water pumping system consists of the submersible pumping machine(or what is otherwise known as “sumo” ), water tank, pipes and water tap. When there is an electric current, the sumo or the pumping machine is switched on with the help of a switch, immediately water is pumped into the tank or reservoir, the reservoir through the pipes carries water to the different water taps or outlets in the house or where the taps are fixed. The availability of water in the house is then used for everyday chores, cooking and also for drinking. Because this is an everyday thing, I mean when the tank is full, the switch is turned off and we fetch off the reservoir until It is exhausted then we pump again.

Continuous pumping and flowing of water through the pipes and of course with the help of sunlight can enhance the growth of some green algae(green slime) in the reservoir and also in the pipes, as the pressure of the sumo increases which is relative to the light voltage, this green slimy substance can be dislodged and find its way into our household water. That’s just the basic way the water pumping system operates. Let me introduce the live one to you shortly and how it relates to the water pumping machine.

The live pumping machine consists of the heart(sumo), the reservoir (right atrium – right ventricle- lungs), the pipes( left atrium and left ventricle ), the outlet( various cells, systems, organs and tissues like the muscle cells, skin cells, nerve cells e.t.c).

Using an electrical impulse that occurs in the body via the heart’s natural pacemakers, the heart starts beating and receives blood from the left atrium which forces blood through the left ventricles.

Let me pause here, don’t be confused follow the you may ask “where did the blood come from?” Let me ask you where did the water come from? There are stem cells that help in the formation of blood called “erythropoietin stem cells”, they are located in the kidney and also in the bone marrow, now let’s stick to the basics. Back to the story.

The left ventricle carries this blood to the lungs( you see that pipe that’s connected from the sumo to the tank, yes that can be likened to the left ventricle) where oxygen is added to them(oxygenated), the cells and the whole body need oxygen for proper functioning. These oxygenated blood are carried through the pipes (the right atrium into the right ventricle) into the cells, systems organs and tissues where they deliver this oxygen as well as nutrients( so the blood is like an Uber or taxi or even ” Keke” (tricycle) bottom line is that it transports. After it has delivered the oxygen, the vein carries this blood back to the heart via the left atrium and the system is repeated.

Let’s brainstorm.

Imagine the heart has been pumping blood since human existence the blood being rich in nutrients and other minerals can also leave traces of green algae (in this case it is called thrombi). What happens when the electric impulses as so high? As in cases of patients with irregular heartbeat (tachycardia) or hypertensive patients due to the increased pressure at which blood is being pumped out. In these conditions this green alga (thrombi) can be dislodged and is free moving in the blood, the arteries may carry this blood that has thrombi to different cells and systems of the body. if blood containing thrombi flows into the artery that carries blood to the brain(carotid artery) there will be an occlusion or blockage..blood won’t get to the brain and this may lead to the brain being deficient in oxygen which can cause a stroke.

This happens basically if hypertensive patients do not take their medications which could lead to an increase in their blood pressure. Because blood pressure is a “silent killer” and does not give any sign or symptom as most illnesses do, it is pertinent that the blood pressure is checked and monitored constantly in every Adult.

What do we do?

You can cleanse your blood vessels by increasing your water intake
exercising regularly may be an effective blood cleanser.
Take whole fruits and vegetables rich in citric acid and antioxidants like oranges, lemon, Cabbage, cucumber, lettuces, broccoli
Add these spices to your meals garlic, turmeric, cayenne pepper, coriander leaves, and ginger.



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