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The Secret To Becoming A High Flying Student.

The excuse most student tender for their failure today is the fact that they are not financially buoyant. The place of finance in becoming an high flying student is crucial but can be sensibly managed.

The fact that you have got low income stream to meet some petty needs that might lift you academically is not a criteria for you to fail.

If you are about securing admission into the higher institution and you are allowing the fear of cash/finance weigh you down, you had better get off that orientation and take the bull by the horn.

It gladdens my heart to put this article together because it emanates out of my experience then as a student. Times when there are no cash to go for lectures or even to purchase textbook and still end up an upper credit student.

” Becoming an high flying student is a desire, a decision and a pursuit nothing should stop you from getting. “

Take it or you leave it, has you hope and think to be like somebody somewhere because he/she has little resources than you do, somebody else somewhere is also looking up to having what you have and you will be shocked at the exploit he will make with it. You are not the worst.

Becoming an high flying student does not always have to do with your money but your mental accuracy, capability,stability and durability. Take this truth from me, if you are wise, you won’t have to pay for all handouts, seminars or any other recommended trash.

You see, I call this article a secret because not everybody knows about it, in fact some are blind to it.

A man once told me, he said while he was in school, he will trek the road of lagos to school to and fro and his father nicknamed him “kenny the treker ” but will always say ” I know you will make it. “

That treker is now a senior manager and the day he bought his first car, as he drives home he remembered his fathers worlds and tears rolled down his eyes, the old papa was late.

He said if the world then was this technologically inclined, most of the books he bought in hardship google would have gave it free. No money but there is passion fueled with action.

What’s our excuse for failing?

• If jonathan could say he had no shoes and yet scaled through,
• Adeboye, poor background and still scale through and so many like that, then my dear you and me got no excuse.

Below we are going to be discussing the secret to becoming an high flying student irrespective of your financial status :

1. Be decisive :

A man without a decision is a man without a destination. When you fail to decide you indirectly say you are satisfied with what ever happens.

Things might be kind of rough but say ” I have got my mind made up and I won’t turn back because price is just ahead “

Situations and circumstances can not decide your future neither can money decide your fate in life. When your decision stands that no matter what you are pressing on, then you are at it.

2. Be determined :

Decisions are sustained by determination. Sometimes, that thing that’s going on smoothly might become hard but only determination can keep you.

Ups and downs are unavoidable even if you have got millions. Before you raise the quit flag,check what is at stake, look ahead and see that the finishing line is just a few miles away.

For every night comes a dawn, be determined.

3. Be wise :

Wisdom, a wise man is always in control of everywhere he gets to. You need to be wise if you must fly high in class.

With Wisdom you can engage other people while you make use of their study materials.

With Wisdom you can make friends with principal people in the department and get some things free.

With wisdom you can engage in legal deals and get paid. You must always be at alert and sensitive to your environment so as to grad wondering opportunities.

4. Grab opportunities :

Always be on the look, don’t be slack. Seriously there are some freebies that will come your way that if you are sluggish it might sleep away.

Note that their are deadly opportunities, this is why you need wisdom. There is a working that leads to winning and the one that leads to absolute failure.

5. Save/invest :

Never joke with saving. That’s one secret great men value, they invest. The little you get remove and save from it. That little thousand you save will save you one day. Note that.

6. Depend on God :

This is the all in all, this is what crowns it all. With man things might be impossible but with God it is all possible.

There are two things I have come to learn and know about in life and experience and that is

• Grace and
• Favour.

My dear this two things exist, if Gods favour dawns on you, you won’t be able to comprehend it. It will take you far beyond imaginations.

Some other things that will help are

7. Building strong and legal connection around,

8. Value your personality and prestige,

9. Never joke with study hour,

10. Be innovative and creative.

Life is not a bed of roses so to lay a bed of roses for yourself, you gat to work It out


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