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Things You Should Consider When Taking Medicines

5 Things You Should Consider When Taking Medicines
#1. Less is good:
When you’re on medication, especially when one of it is an antibiotic, don’t take too many vitamins already. Not only will it damage a person’s liver, but there may be a possibility that the medications you take have contradicting effects, thus creating side effects on your body.

#2. Drink every after meal:
It’s important that we should have a full stomach already when we’re taking some drugs like antibiotics just so it doesn’t affect the liver or the intestines when the effect takes in. Though there are some medications that require being taken before meals as per the doctor’s instruction. But that totally depends on the health condition of the person. Also note that there are medicines that should be taken on empty stomach

#3. Don’t drink liquor:
Alcoholic drinks are definitely a no-no when you are on medication. Because of the harsh effect of alcohol, there’s a tendency that it will cancel off the effect of the medication you’re taking.example is taking metronidazole with alcohol

#4. Never skip your medication:
One thing you should also avoid is skipping your medications, especially antibiotics. When you skip your medication, there’s a greater chance for the viruses or bacteria to be immune with the medicine you’re taking instead of clearing it. Aside from that, you’re also letting these viruses or bacteria to spread more and increase their resistance to medicines.

#5. Always ask your pharmacist:
Don’t hesitate to ask your pharmacists when you’re confused or when you want to change medication. Aside from your doctors, they are the reliable key persons to ask if you want to have a generic brand of your medication if you feel that the price is too high for you to afford or not. They can also attend to your transfer prescription and your auto refills of your prescription medication.


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