Tips to Have a Great Month.


Here are 5 tips to help focus your mind and flow at the start of each month (or week):

  1. Think of (and write down) 3 things that went well last month and how they made you feel/ added value to your life.
  2. Think about 2 things which you would like to stop doing or feeling & how you will change them with tiny consistent changes.
  3. Make one key decision about a ‘risk/brave change’ you must make and set a deadline for making the change.
  4. Decide which 3 basic wellness, happiness, sleep, nutrition or movement habits you will commit to maintaining this month.
  5. Carry out at least one random act of kindness for your friends and family.

do these every month in detail, it’s well worth an hour of your time and then check in with Yourself every week to see what progress u’ve made.


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