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Useful Tips To Manage Asthma During rainy season-

There is no denying that the first shower of the monsoon after hot days of summer rejuvenates our ‘ole dull lives. However, monsoon does not just bring a pleasant breeze, it also results in an increase in dampness and fall in the temperature, often bringing multiple risks associated with breathing issues. Those with asthma and other breathing-related allergies, therefore, have to be a little cautious when enjoying the season. However, don’t fret! To keep your asthma issues at bay, we present some precautionary measures that you can easily incorporate during your monsoon days so that you can enjoy the showers like the rest of us.

Take Care of those Dampen Walls:

During rainy days, a majority of us complain about the dampness in the walls. Therefore, it is crucial that you prevent your walls from getting dampened as moist walls could worsen your asthma symptoms. Moreover, they could also lead to other respiratory issues. If possible, get damp-proof work done. Likewise, you could also mould off the walls with anti-moisture or anti-mould bleach. Additionally, if you could afford to invest in a good dehumidifier or air purifier to control the atmosphere within the house, that will be helpful.

Keep the Doors and Windows Closed:

Rainy days are the breeding times for various health issues. So, it is always in your safety to keep the doors and windows of your house closed, especially in those places where water is heavily involved such as the kitchen, wash area or bathrooms. Doing so will help reduce the circulation of moisture in the atmosphere. Moreover, proper cross-ventilation also helps. This means the more the sunlight enters your house (even for a shorter time), the better it helps in keeping the unneeded moisture away. You could also use blinders instead of curtains to ensure the limited entry of dust inside your house. If possible, try to stay home as much as you can or wear a dust mask while going outside.

Avoid Indoor Plants for a While:

If you are a plant lover and have any indoor plants in your bedroom, it is time to keep them away. Research suggests that monsoon leads to an increased presence of pollen grains in the air. Moreover, since pollen grains could trigger asthma attacks, it is better to avoid keeping plants inside the home.

Pets and You:

In case you have a furry pet in your house, ensure that your pet’s movement is somewhat restricted. As pets usually prefer to stay indoors during the monsoon to avoid getting wet, there is a high probability of them shedding their fur on the floor. Since asthma could also be triggered by animal fur, especially in children, it is better that you keep restricted contact with your furry loved ones.

Apart from all these tips mentioned above, it is essential that you take asthma medications regularly. Moreover, avoid catching a cold or flu. While these precautionary tips would secure you from additional breathing issues during the monsoon days, it is always advisable to seek your doctor if you notice anything unusually different about your asthma symptoms.


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