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Ways Your Pharmacy Outlet Could Stand-Out & Build a Timeless Brand!..


#1. THERE SHOULD be a pharmacy SIGNAGE at the ENTRANCE clearly and boldly visible with a signboard bearing the name for the pharmacy that can easily direct the CUSTOMERS.

#2. There should be a license copy, framed and hanging on the wall bearing the pharmacy name, picture and name of the superintendent pharmacist. Whom you will meet mostly morning hours.

#3. YOUR DRUGS MUST be well ARRANGED and LABELED according to their indications such as;
anti-Malarias, anti-hypertensives, anti-diabetic, supplements, hematinics etc. Even if you’re a novice you can tell where your drugs are being brought out from.

#4. The PHARMACIST SHOULD always appear in his/her CLEAN WHITE WARD COAT, wearing smile and accommodating.

#5. You MUST not cut antibiotics, pain relievers or mix drugs of any kind no matter who wants it..

#6. YOU MUST NOT dispense antibiotics or control drugs without well written prescription or an authentic test results to show the need for it.

#7. Control Drugs such as dihydrocodein, cocodamol, anti-psychotics etc are should be dispensed only when there is a prescription for it and the pharmacist do record such dispensing in Form-K where the buyer must sign & the pharmacist signs too.

#8. The environment must be neat and sparkling & welcoming, no go use oven de bake people and drugs.

#9. Always give your customers reasons to come 🔙.

#10. Always Rebrand and keep rebranding.



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