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A pharmacist is explaining to a customer potential safety concern of using medication

What are the skills needed to be a successful clinical pharmacist? – what makes an exceptional pharmacist?

Succeeding as a clinical pharmacist in medical and healthcare requires a range of core skills. It’s an industry that’s always evolving as the market produces new medicines and vaccines to tackle various diseases. The role of a pharmacist is important, so professionals who enter this field need to be well-trained and have exceptional knowledge of pharma products and medical devices.

There’s also a variety of challenges pharmacists must be prepared to face, such as rising customer expectations, competition from other pharmaceuticals, and keeping up to date with the latest medical developments. According to research, the pharmaceutical industry is expected to grow at a rate of 11.34% by 2028 – but what skills do clinical pharmacists need to succeed? Below, we outline some of the key skills that are essential for high performance as a pharmacist.

Interpersonal skills:
Interpersonal skills in a medical environment are hugely important. Clinical pharmacists often have to liaise with other healthcare professionals, as well as deal with patients who are waiting for their prescriptions. This means that interpersonal skills are essential for success as a pharmacist. From collaborating on a project with a colleague to having an important conversation with a stakeholder, you need to be able to build relationships with people, project confidence and self-assurance, and be personable in every interaction. Having the ability to work well with others and cultivating a positive outlook is key, as it demonstrates you’re capable of bringing out the best in other people.

As a clinical pharmacist, you will have to manage several different tasks at once, many of which will have a direct impact on people’s lives. You’ll be developing medication plans, assessing the results of treatments and advising patients about their medicines. Therefore, pharmacists need to be exceptionally organised and know how to handle different responsibilities and ensure day-to-day tasks are completed on time. Multitasking is all about being able to switch between tasks with ease and efficiency, without sacrificing productivity. In a fast-paced pharmaceutical environment, professionals must be able to adapt to changes and manage their time effectively to ensure their success.

Attention to detail:
One of the most important skills that a pharmacist can possess is attention to detail. In the pharmaceutical industry, accuracy is hugely important because any mistakes could have serious consequences, and this would not only affect the pharmacists but also the patient. For example, a patient must be given the correct medication, so pharmacists should ensure they enter the correct information and always double-check every prescription for any errors or discrepancies. Also, clinical pharmacists will need to accurately assess a patient’s progress and evaluate their condition. Crucially, attention to detail ensures a smooth process and will help clinical pharmacists be more successful in their roles.

Clinical pharmacists need to have excellent analytical skills if they want successful careers over the long term. With analytical skills, you can more successfully assess the condition of a patient and their medical history, which will allow you to deliver the best treatment plan. Also, you’ll need to be analytical when patients have problems with their treatment. In this instance, a highly skilled clinical pharmacist would need to suggest an alternative medicine based on research to solve the dispute. Clinical pharmacists need to approach their work with both a technical and analytical mind and take a logical approach to their decisions. Above all, with the right balance of skills and knowledge, you can grow your career as a pharmacist and become highly successful.


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