What every student should do this second half of the year!

What every student should do this second half of the year. Settle their resolutions. It’s six months into the year, and you’d wonder why anyone should be setting their resolutions at this time, especially with all that is happening in the world. We beg to differ. This is the right time to get them settled. The reason is simple.

In the first half, there was a lot of noise in the first half. Too many resolutions were made out of excitement. A number (if not all) of those resolutions have been broken. So we think it might be a good time to rethink and reset your objectives for the year.

Regardless of all that might have happened, 2020 isn’t over. You are still on track to become a better you. The one that will excel at academics, become closer to your dreams, get that internship, and reach world-class quality.

We have a few tips to walk you through.

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1. Ask questions

Everyone sets targets. However, a practical approach is to ask, where do I seek improvement? Select key areas of improvement. Make your list short, say 3 goals.

You can add more in 3 months’ time. Then set clear targets. For example, I want to be able to read a 200-word essay in French by September 2020. Write your action points down and set weekly reminders.

2. Take virtual internships

Unlike their foreign counterparts, Nigerians never really get work experience till they’re about 21. Despite the other valid reasons, this plays a role in hindering employability.

You can spend the next 6 months interning. To make things easier, you don’t need to intern physically. For instance, we offer the Career Accelerator Program. This is a virtual hub that provides access to internship opportunities right from your home. You can read more about the program here.

3. Connect to the world

Try to achieve competence/mastery of a skill or competence that the world demands. The idea of a stable job after school or a career of 30 years is gone. Try to learn the demands of a world that are changing faster than anyone understands. Learn music, international politics, read up the internet of things, machine learning, data science, blockchain technology. Read a newspaper every day, be a citizen of the world.

4. Learn a social/soft skill

In the end, it is the soft skills that define us. Prepare for leadership. Learn teamwork, problem-solving, ability to articulate your thoughts. Think on your feet.

This second half, be open-minded. Join global associations, contribute to a cause. You will need these skills now and in the future, you are building. Once again, our virtual internship program can help you build these skills


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