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Why Flash sales should be considered in retail pharmacy across Nigeria

What Is a Flash Sale?

What is a flash sale?

A flash sale is a discount or promotion offered by an online or physical store for a limited time. They may have a variety of names such as hype sales, launch day sales, holiday sales or inventory sales. These sales aim to create a sense of urgency, encouraging and motivating customers to impulse buy or make purchases quickly. 

A flash sale usually includes:

  • Higher discounts or promotions than normal
  • A short buying period
  • A limited selection
  • A limited quantity of a specific item

Benefits of a flash sale

Here are some potential benefits of having a flash sale. You can:

Sell excess inventory or low-demand products

Customer behavior can be difficult which may cause issues with inventory. A flash sale can help generate new demand for your products to reduce your inventory. The sale may also motivate customers who have not purchased before based on a factor like an item’s price. Selling the old products and adding new products can also help reduce operating and inventory costs.

Flash sales may help you sell out-of-season products or items that did not sell as expected. This allows you to still make money on your current inventory and make space for in-season and more in-demand items. For example, a body care shop may run a flash sale on gift sets after Christmas to make room for regular inventory items after the holidays.

Increase brand awareness

Running a flash sale may increase your brand awareness. There are a variety of websites, blogs and social media accounts dedicated to sharing good deals. These resources may feature your flash sale, showing your website to potential new customers.

Boost profits

A flash sale can be a quick way to increase profits. These sales often create a sense of urgency. Impulse buying, wanting to cash in on a “good deal” or fear of missing out on a last-minute deal may motivate customers to buy products or spend more money than they usually would.

Attract new customers

A flash sale may bring new customers to your website. They may like your products and the deals you have to offer. These customers may return to your website to make additional purchases, improving your brand loyalty. 

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Tips for a successful flash sale

Here are some tips for having flash sales:

1. Set a goal for your flash sale

Determine why you want to have a flash sale. This may help you better plan and execute your flash sale. For example, a home goods store may have a flash sale on summer decorations in August to clear inventory and make space for fall decorations.

2. Make your sale easy for customers

Create simple, straightforward sales. It’s important for customers to shop your store easily. For example, consider featuring the sale on the homepage of your website with a clickable banner that links to a special section dedicated to the flash sale.

3. Tailor your flash sale

Focus on a specific target market for your flash sale. For example, a department store may run a flash sale targeting moms. Products on sale may include baby accessories, furnishings or clothes.

4. Be timely

Different target markets spend their money in different ways at different times so there may be times when flash sales for particular items are more successful. Review your sales data to find your customer preferences for days of the week, time of day and email open rates. It’s important to plan your flash sale carefully so it’s as timely and relevant as possible. For example, a shoe store may have a weekend flash sale on children’s shoes at the end of summer when parents are thinking about back-to-school shopping.

5. Keep your flash sale special

Consider having no more than three flash sales a year. If you offer deep sales too often, they’re no longer special. Frequent sales may keep your customers from making regular-priced purchases. They may decide if they postpone a purchase a week or two, they might find a better at your next sale. Also, too many sales may erode the quality of your products in customers’ minds. They may think if a product was good, it wouldn’t be on sale so often. 

6. Keep your sale short

Time is an important aspect of flash sales. It’s important for flash sales to be short. This helps create a sense of urgency to motivate returning or potential customers to buy. A common timeframe for a flash sale is between two and 24 hours.

7. Highlight the discount

Ensure the discount stands out from the rest of your site. Consider using large graphics or different colors. Emphasize how much money customers can save by purchasing your sale items compared to your regular prices or those of your competitors.

8. Promote the sale

Promote your flash sale. The sooner you promote it, the more you’ll keep people interested and watching out for your sale. Use a variety of tools such as VIP or early bird sales, social media marketing, mobile application notifications, email marketing campaigns or text messaging campaigns. Consider using paid search advertisements, such as targeted ads on websites, to attract new customers to your website.

9. Monitor the sale

Track the progress of your sale. Monitor trends to see what channels attract the most customers and the most popular products that consumers purchase. Use these findings to help you plan future flash sales. Watch for one-time buyers who don’t return for another purchase.

10. Provide customer service

It’s very important that you provide quality customer service throughout the sale. Answer customer inquiries promptly and try to resolve any customer issues. This may help customers form a positive impression of your company and encourage them to shop with you again.

11. Create terms of service

Create and display thorough terms of service for the flash sale. It’s important that customers can easily find and understand your terms before they purchase. For example, be clear if customers can return items they purchase during the flash sale, make exchanges or if all sales are final.

12. Consider offering free shipping

Many consumers see free shipping as an incentive to shop online more often. Others spend more to qualify for free shipping by adding items to their cart. This can be especially effective if you aren’t in a position to offer flash sale items at a deep discount. You can add to the sense of urgency by including a countdown timer for free shipping, encouraging customers to buy quickly.

13. Prepare for the sale

It’s important to prepare for the sale properly. This includes ensuring you have enough inventory, can meet shipping deadlines and support a potential increase in online traffic from the flash sale. You might consider working with a third-party logistics company or inventory management software to monitor stock levels during the sale. This can help ensure customers have a positive experience when shopping, turning them into loyal customers for the future.

14. Protect your site against bots

Bots often pose a threat to e-commerce sites and flash sales. These are computer programs that purchase items faster than human customers. Bots can clear out inventories before customers have a fair chance to buy want they want, leaving them frustrated and dissatisfied. Bots also can support resale sites with huge markups for resellers while cutting into your profits. Look into software or features to protect your site and prevent bots from interacting with it.


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