Why should I take my health serious?

One Body in this Life. So You better take care of it!

Good health can be described as a condition where both our body and our minds are functioning properly. The main causes behind poor health conditions are diseases, improper diet, injury, mental stress, lack of hygiene and unhealthy lifestyles. There are various benefits of a healthy life. Your body becomes free from various forms of disorders and gives yourself a longer life. Also, you don’t have to deal with the harmful diseases from having bad health.

You only have one life. Would you rather live it having to take several medications and going through vigorous surgeries or treatments or a nice and healthy lifestyle being able to enjoy everything? Health is important because it never goes away, you have to deal with it forever. The choices you make now will affect you later down the road. You may not see it now, but it will catch you later. You should take your health seriously or instead, accumulate the numerous amount of health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diease or even a stroke.

Your health not only affects you, it affects the people in your life. If you have a health problem, sometimes you cannot handle it on your own. Usually family members make sure you take your medications and they have to sacrifice their time to come and help you. They have to take you to the doctors or your treatment and then give you medicine or monitor you. Sometimes they have to cover hospital bills and high medicine costs. Your health not only affects you, it affects everyone you love. You will also miss the things you love doing such as exercising or going anywhere because of your health condition or conditions.

Your health also affects your children and whether or not they could suffer from the many complications you had. Be the one to stop the trend, take your health seriously. It doesn’t matter what age you are, you can still suffer many problems.

Health is not only physical, it’s emotional mental and social as well. Usually if you’re fit, you don’t face a lot of the problems that come with health, but they can happen to anyone. Health is also important because if you die early, you leave all your loved ones behind and your kids grow up without a father/mother.

So the next time you’re eating, ask yourself is that fat greasy cheeseburger worth it or is this pack of cigarettes really worth it. I hope you say no because they’re not. Remember YOLO, You Only Live Once.


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