Why You should Pop those Vitamins!

Vitamins are organic compound required by the body in small amount for regulation of metabolism. After they enter the body vitamins are converted into co-enzymes which they provide energy for metabolism.

Our body cannot synthesize most vitamins, they must b obtained from the diet. Vitamin deficiencies can cause different disorders.

They are two types of vitamins:

Water soluble vitamins : e.g. vitamins: B-Complex, C, Folic acid.
Fat soluble vitamins: e.g. vitamins: A, D, E and K.
Functions of Vitamin A
•Major role in vision.

•Helps in growth and bone development.

•Maintain integrity of mucus membrane thus preventing infections.

•Helps in fetal and fetus development

•It Helps in synthesis of keratin protein

•It also helps in developing immunity.

Deficiency Effects of Vitamin A

•Neight blindness

•Xerophthalmia ( dryness & ulceration of cornea) result in blindness

•Skin lesion , dry hair

•Failure in skeletal growth

•Low immunity

Functions of Vitamin D
•Vitamin D help in obsorption of calcium

•Mobilization and mineralization of calcium

•Helps in strong bone

•Also help in preventing ang treating a

•number of serious long term health problems

Deficiency effects of Vitamin D

•Vitamins D deficiency causes rickets in children

•In Adult osteomalacia

•In old age Vitamin- D deficiency causes osteoporosis

Functions of Vitamin B1(Thiamine)
•Vitamin B1 helps in

•Metabolism of fats , carbohydrates and proteins

•Maintenance of heart muscles

•Synthesis of acetylecoline

Deficiency Effect of Vitamin B1

Deficiency effects of B1 are

•tachycardia , enlarged heart , edema

• peripheral neuropathy with loss of funrion

•Mental confusion

Functions of Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)
•Vitamins B2 in the cell act as coenzyme in oxidation – reduction

•Also act as hydrogen carrier in the mitochondrial electron transport systems

Deficiency Effects of Vitamin B2

Deficiency effects of Vitamin B2 are

•Photophobia ,Lacrimation , burning and

• itching of eyes .Lips , mouth , tongue

•Cheilosis , angular stomatitis

•Purple swollen tongue

Functions of Vitamin B6 ( Pyridoxine)
•Vitamins B6 helps in

•Protein metabolism

•Heme formation

•Synthesis of GABA

•Facilitates release of glycogen from

•liver and muscle

Deficiency Effects of Vitamin B6

Deficiency effects of vitamin B6 are

•Peripheral neuritis

•CNS abnormalities


•Premenstrual syndrome

Functions of Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin )
Function if vitamin B12 are :

•Cellular metabolism

•Synthesis of nucleic acid and DNA

•Myelin sheath

Deficiency Effects of Vitamin B12

Deficeincy effects of vitamin B12 are:

•Impaired DNA synthesis, megaloblastic

•anemia, glossitis, GI disorder

•Neurological disorder

•Numbness, tingling and burning of feet

•stiffness, weakness in legs

Functions of Vitamin B3 ( Niacin)
Function of vitamin B3 are:

•Components of co enzymes NAD and NADP

• essential for oxidation-reduction and release of energy from  carbohydrates fats and proteins

Deficiency Effects of vitamin B3

Deficiency effects of vitamin B3 are :

•Muscular weakness, anorexia,

• indigestion , skin eruption

• Dermatitis , dementia , diarrhea

Functions of Vitamin B5 ( Pentothenic acid )
Function of vitamin B5 are :

•Synthesis of cholesterol, phospholipids

• steroids hormones

•Porphyrin for hemoglobin

Deficiency Effects of Vitamin B5

Deficiency effects of vitamin B5 are :

•Indigestion , abdominal pain

•Cramping pains in the arms ang legs

•Burning sensation in the feet

Functions of Vitamin C
Function of vitamin C are :

•Iron obsorption,utilization and storage

•Collagen formation,healing of wound, fractures, pinpiont hemorrage and bleeding gums

•It increases body resistance against infection

• Maturation of tissue, cartilage, bone matrix, tooth dentin, skin and tendon

Deficiency Effects of Vitamin C

Deficiency effects of vitamin c are :

•Swollen and inflamed gums

•Lossening of teeth

•Dryness of eye and mouth,loss of hair

•Poor and delayed healing

•Growth retardation in infants& children

•Anemia , irritability

•Dry itchy skin

Functions of Vitamin E
Function of vitamin E are :

•Vitamins E helps in RBCs resist hemolysis aids in muscle and nerve maintenance

• Vitamin E acts as anti oxidant to prevent cell membrane damage

Deficiency Effects of Vitamin E

Deficiency effects of vitamin E are :

• Muscle weakness

•visual disturbance

•Injury and necrosis of cell mass

Functions of Folic acid
Functions of Folic Acid are :

•Helps in synthesis of DNA & RNA

•Formation of RBCs & WBCs in bone marrow and their maturation

• Helps in fetal development

Deficiency Effects of Folic Acid

Deficiency Effects of folic acid Are :

•Causes alteration of DNA metabolism resulting

•in cellular nuclear morphological changes in the red bone marrow .

• Causes glossitis and GI disturbances in cellular

• nuclear morphological changes in the red bone marrow .


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