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Young Pharmacists blazing the Trail..

There are so many different types of careers within the field of pharmacy—from research and drug development to pharmacy informatics! To highlight some of the more unique career settings in the industry.
Today we’re excited to spotlight Ethel Bassey MBA, B.Pharm, MPH,Msc.

Pharm.Ethel MBA is the current chairman PSN-YPG. The following is a look into how Ethel MBA has impacted pharmacy, business, and public health space.

Her Long time Dream:
One of these days, I’d try to make an input on how to navigate Nigerian pharmacy school. It may be a long thread and I do hope my colleagues who excelled in school will chip in. I didn’t graduate with high grades but I think someone needs to learn from my mistakes.

Many of us had the potentials but didn’t have proper guidance and study aids.
Before I delve into that topic, I will love pharmacy students to ask any questions under this thread to help streamline the intervention.

She had to juggle between academics and politics.

Here are some political positions she held while in school:
*Assist Sec Gen PANS UNIPORT 200lvl
*VP Aspirant PANS UNIPORT (300lvl)
*Class Senator PANS UNIPORT Senate (300 lvl)
*Senate President PANS UNIPORT(400lvl)
*SUG Senator (year 4b) 🙈
*PANS National Liaison Officer(500lvl)

She was an Official Delegate to the 4th IPSF African Pharmaceutical Symposium in Rwanda. (500)
She was also the Secretary of the Reception committee for the 7th IPSF AfPS 2018 in Nigeria (500 to internship)
She was an Internal Affairs Coordinator for the IPSF European Regional.
She was an IPSF Trainer.

I attended the 6th IPSF AfPS in Ghana 2017
She was the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria-Young Pharmacists’ Group Coordinator for Cross River State and the South South Region.
She was a Kectil 2018 colleague.
She won full scholarship in the UK for a master’s degree program in Advancing Clinical Pharmacy Practice.

She has submitted and presented an abstract in Rwanda? 😎

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!
The first time I ran for office, a Head of a Department tried to dissuade me. Said I was making a wrong decision. Today I can ring him up and have a chat or call in a favour because I have proven to him over time that I am worth my salt.
You can follow @ETHELMBA.

Indeed Ethel MBA is a trail blazer worth celebrating.


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