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The greatest pharmacological discoveries in the health industry –

As science and medicine progresses, the research community has had an incredible effect on life expectancy and I’ve looked at seven of the greatest discoveries to impact human health. 2021 discovery: breakthrough treatments that is changing medicine in 2021 10. New class of migraine medications For more than 38 million Americans, migraines are a real […]

Eye Floaters and Eye Flashes-

how to manage eye floaters Eye floaters are tiny spots, specks, lines or shapes that enter into your field of vision, appearing to float in front of the eye. They may seem like distant objects, but they are actually the shadows of cells and fibers inside the vitreous, or gel-like portion of the eye. Floaters […]

What is hyperkalemia?

High potassium (called “hyperkalemia”) is a medical problem in which you have too much potassium in your blood. Your body needs potassium. It is an important nutrient that is found in many of the foods you eat. Potassium helps your nerves and muscles, including your heart, work the right way. But too much potassium in […]


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