About us

PharmahubNG is an online health platform which helps provide users ; both medical professional , medical students and non medical professional with needed health services.

we help provide pharmacies with stock, provide patients access to health professionals for consultations and counselling .

We also bring medical students together, coach them in preparation for exams.


Our Goals


Reduce Irrational Drug use.

Irrational drug use has been on the rise over the years. At pharmahubNG we strive to stop this and with time improve drug services in Nigeria and world at large.

Advocate for better health policies in africa.

PharmahubNG is on the mission to improve health policies all over Africa. Africa consist of developing countries with faulty health policies, PharmhubNG is here to solve this and improve lives.

increase medication safety and medicine optimization indices.

PharmahubNG aims at providing quality medication supplies, advice patient on safe use of drugs and provide patients a go to point when needed.

enable pharmacists offer their services more efficiently.

We help provide pharmacists with knowledge base to help them update thereselves with recent procedures. We also provide them with quality supplies and also link them to patients.

Provide free drug and poison information to society.

We strive to help the population at large by providing them with needed information with regards to use of drugs and poison and as such improve their lives.

Step 1

Connect with a Professional

We have all forms of health professionals for you.

Step 2

Get prescription

After consultation, you will get a proper prescription.

Step 3

Order Medication

Do well to order the medications as prescribed .

Step 4

Relax and get well

As you take your medications, rest and recuperate.

Drug Store

In need of medical assistance or delivery , we are one click away so go on and click the button.